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Do you have a left- or right-bended horse?

Discover the hidden factor that is holding you and your horse back or is limiting your horse's progress.

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The Straightness Training STarter kit

Discover the fundamentals that have already helped thousands of riders unlock their horse's true potential.

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Optimize your knowledge

The Straightness Training STudy Vault is jam packed with 250+ articles with background information on all aspects of natural asymmetry and Straightness Training. 

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Personalize Your Smartphone with a STunning Wallpaper

Explore our collection of 30+ captivating wallpapers and give your smartphone a fresh, inspiring look.

Get ready to transform your device with a wallpaper that resonates with your passion for Straightness Training.

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Enjoy the audio experience

No matter where you are on your Straightness Training journey, or what challenges you're facing, this podcast will inspire you to shift your mindset, lift your mood, and drift into action, so you can achieve the results you are looking for.

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They did it. So can you.

Our Scholars started off exactly where you are today — wanting to become a next-level horse trainer and to make a positive difference for their horse. Hear from our Scholars who tranformed asymmetry in to balance and their dreams into reality.

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The ST Academy Song

With Jonathan Mann

Listen to the song that is expressing the essences of Straightness Training.

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Explore our STuff to help you achieve your own ST goals

Get your questions answered, benefit from over 70 tips, enjoy the blog posts, watch the 30+ video shows, and get motivated by the STories of our STudents!

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They Did it. So Can You!

Hear what other STudents have to say about their Straightness Training journey:

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