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Be the best you can be

Everybody wants to do the best they can do for their horse.

And yet, when training our horse, we're all dealing questions like:

  • Am I doing it right?
  • Am I doing the right thing?

That's making us feel insecure, in doubt, and unconfident.

And that's just not how it should be. 

You know what, though...

To get better, you simply need a plan


Most riders struggle to succeed because:

  • They don't have a proven training schedule for their horses.
  • They struggle with where to start and what to do next.
  • No one is coaching or supporting them.
  • No one has given them a plan for getting to the next level.
  • They don't have a community to inspire them.

When you have a step-by-step plan to teach your horse the exercises and proven training schedules that deliver results with your horses, you're unstoppable.

To get better, you simply need a plan


Most riders struggle to succeed because:

  • They don't have a proven training schedule for their horses.
  • They struggle with where to start and what to do next.
  • No one is coaching or supporting them.
  • No one has given them a plan for getting to the next level.
  • They don't have a community to inspire them.

When you have a step-by-step plan to teach your horse the exercises and proven scripts that deliver results with your horses, you're unstoppable.

The Key To Success Is Proven Training Schedules

Our Straightness Training Evaluation program gives you crisp and clear training schedules to get better.

The program helps you determine your goals and includes the major steps - called Touchstones - needed to reach it.

There are 25 Touchstones that you will use as the foundation of your training schedules.

With the schedules, you're going to teach your horse all the exercises in a logical order

You'll get access to:

  • 5 Groundwork Touchstones
  • 5 Longeing Touchstones
  • 5 Work in hand Touchstones
  • 5 Riding Touchstones
  • 5 Liberty Touchstones

Besides that, you'll get:

  • Best practices on how to teach your horse the exercises.
  • Ongoing coaching to grow your skills.

In the beginning, you will customize the training sessions to the needs of your horse. In the end, you'll be able to do the entire Touchstone and move on to the next levels of you and your horse's ability.

Feeling a little out of your comfort zone?

You're not alone!

And it's a good thing because it means you're willing to stretch yourself.

You have what it takes.

We'll help you find that confidence and get competent.

There are no shortcuts, but if you're ready for real change, we can help you get there!

Ready To Level Up?

You’re at a crossroads, you can continue down the same path you’ve been going down, or you can push yourself to be better. What’s it going to be?

Step 1: Get STarted

Recognize your horse's natural asymmetry and learn to rebalance your horse with Straightness Training.

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Step 2: Do the work

Join The Straightness Training Academy and start submitting videos of you and your horse.

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Step 3: Reach your goals

Get certified; one Touchstone at a time. You and your horse are capable of so much more!

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Step 4: Graduate

Keep reaching for the top! Pass five Touchstones and be awarded with a Grade Certificate.

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First, learn how to teach Straightness Training exercises to your horse.


Next, you might be even interested to start teaching it to other people!


The Certification Path

Become a certified Straightness Trainer - one Touchstone, one Grade at a time. 

Your Touchstone Certificate

You can get a Touchstone certificate in the training pillars of groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and liberty on the levels of grade 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. In total, you can get 25 Touchstones certificates.

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Your Grade Certificate

When you have achieved all five Touchstone certificates within a certain grade, you'll get a Grade certificate. In total, you can get 5 Grade certificates. If you'd like to skip the riding pillars, you can get a Basic Grade certificate.

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ST Instructor Diploma

The world needs people like you to create awareness about natural asymmetry and Straightness Training. Once you completed our Instructor program, you will get the official ST Instructor Diploma

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What others say...

You don’t have to take our word for it, listen to what our students have to say. We’re proud of what we’re building here.

Callie Klein, USA 

"As to participation in the Evaluation program, I have taken on a completely new mindset. In the past, I was very judgmental of myself, looking at my scores and judging myself from a very limited mindset, even though the ST program clearly coaches me not to do that! I really enjoy the process of growing and improving instead of being in achievement mode as I have been in the past.

In the Instructor program, there’s this lovely quote by Antoine de Pluvinel, “It’s not necessary to remind a pupil every time he makes a ‘mistake’. One should do this when the time is right, to not confuse the pupil. Sometimes one should ignore something.” Detecting the one important thing to do now has been a huge game-changer for me with Rascl."

Gisela Marnewecke, South Africa

"Suffice to say that when I had read through the program, I was sold. It had everything I had hoped for, and more: it included ideas and concepts from trainers I already admired, a clear breakdown of how to do the exercises, and a huge knowledge base of theory to explain the ‘why’.

The balance between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual was what really hooked me though, and I felt that here, at last, was a truly comprehensive, holistic training system. In fact, I was so impressed by it that I remember thinking not ‘I want to learn this’ but ‘I want to teach this’.

This year, I have also signed up for the Instructor program and am on the road to realizing my dream of sharing this knowledge with other riders in my area and beyond."

Ivana Kovaříková, Csech Republic

"My ST journey started when I joined the Mastery program in 2017. My then horse Spotty brought me to the Straightness Training program because of his natural asymmetry. We went through all pillars with many Touchstone submits for 2,5 years before our ways parted. I have gained a completely new look at training horses and especially of my skills during that period. The Liberty pillar was quite a challenge for me and Spotty was a great teacher to show me how technical I was.

In 2019, I decided to buy an ex-race Thoroughbred, Tesstino. The Scholars journey has helped me immensely. I needed to change to be able to become a valuable partner for my sensitive horse. I have learned to record myself a few times a month, to schedule to be live at the classes, and to send the Touchstone in at the end of the month.

Thank you to all who are making the Scholars Program and the Instructor Program possible. The vision of helping as many people and their horses as possible has come to realization. I am glad and proud to be a part of it. "

Debbie Watts, USA

"Sukie is a half Percheron draft horse. I couldn’t ride in a circle without major imbalance, and I didn’t like feeling like I was arguing with her. I needed a better way of communicating and helping her. In mid 2017, I joined the program and have not regretted a single moment.

I love being able to go to my computer and in my time and pace be totally submerged in ST, then go and practice with my horse. The program lit a fire in me! I love how it is designed to both educate and inspire by watching all the video lessons with the great coaches, and is also designed to be a ‘go at your own pace’, so you don’t feel rushed nor like you’re missing out. Marijke and her awesome team are super supportive and dedicated to help us get to where we want to be with our horses.

This year, I am also in the Instructor program to become able to share ST with others. I am so grateful to have this opportunity at this point in my life and excited to be furthering my knowledge and skills in Straightness Training."

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