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Every Scholar in the reviews started off exactly where you are today — wanting to become a next-level horse trainer and to make a positive difference for their horse. Click the buttons to watch interviews with and reviews of several Scholars and ST Instructors:

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"The Mastery Program has shown me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The greatest thing about the Mastery Program is that there are no races to be won and no deadlines, and aside from a lifetime of accessibility, brings with it a whole support through the ST Community and practically instant response from either Marijke or one of the qualified ST Instructors from around the world."

Sue Alves | Lilongwe, Malawi

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"The ST Evaluation Program is a dynamic feedback system to keep you on track. As a Mastery Student I am able to study the modules, use the exercises in my lab and then provide a video for review.

They are the BEST LESSONS one can use to see where you are in your training and if you are ready for the next steps. And because this programs works for all disciplines and levels there are many avenues from which to choose.

An additional benefit is that the ST Instructors all have the ability, know how as well as graciousness to encourage you with positive feedback and the steps to get to your next accomplishment.

Lastly there are touchstone videos and evaluations to review of other students just like us ! What a great idea!!"

Kristin Kill | Dexter, United States

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"World's First and Best Comprehensive Home Study Program from a Classical Perspective!

ST also encompasses a solid base of groundwork and in-hand training. AND it is all based on a sound understanding of Equine Psychology and Physiology.

I have been passionate about Classical Dressage and the training of the horse from a very young age and have studied, from beginning to end, every comprehensive horse training program I could get my hands on.

Until now, I would either find a good Natural Horsemanship type program that was great on basic training and groundwork but was lacking in a good understanding of how to truly help the horse and rider achieve an ideal posture and balance, OR I would (with great searching) find a Classical Dressage type trainer who understood the fine-tuned results we all dream about, but pretty much the only way to learn from these Masters is to uproot one's life and live next door to them - not possible for most of us!

ST serves it all of this up on a platter!"

Shannon Olson | Washington, USA

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"What I found in the ST Academy was far beyond my expectation, I quickly understood Marijke was the life coach I was looking for. By far the best investment I ever made!"

Nicole-Marie Iresch | Cape Town, South Africa

"Definitely the best gift I had for my entire life. "

Tina Petrera
Altamura, Italy

"For me the Mastery Program is the Map, Evaluation is the Territory, then the email Coaching is the GPS for the first leg of the journey! It set me up on a path for success!"

Astrid van der Laan
Pretoria, South Africa

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