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Ready for a long-lasting change? Become a Scholar in the Straightness Training Academy, and reach long-term success! We open the doors in the last week of this month, so stay tuned:


Use The Power Of Self-Mastery

After 7 years of experience with the Straightness Training Academy, with thousands of enthusiastic Mastery students, we'd like to take it a step further!

We're very proud of our Straightness Training students and their results with their horses, and it's our ambition to increase our impact even more! To be even more life-changing! No matter the level of skill or the age of our students!

We'd like to take the fundamental work with horses to a higher level by not only focusing on mastery of Straightness Training but also on mastery of oneself.

In the words of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519):

❝ One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself ❞

Leonardi da Vinci was a so-called "Renaissance Man", which is a person who is an expert in a wide range of different subjects and areas of wisdom. The reason why he mastered many crafts was that he used his full potential.

He used the power of self-mastery.

Make The Most Of What You've Got

Leonardo da Vinci and other Renaissance Scholars had a growth mindset and focused on developing their capacities in body, mind, heart, and soul as fully as possible at any age. Thanks to a balanced body, a curious mind, an open heart, and a peaceful soul, mastery in any other aspect of life was much easier.

In the ST Academy, we apply this wisdom to help you become the good horse trainer that you're meant to be. 

We use the power of self-mastery to grow your ability to make the most out of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health so you can actualize your potential. 

Unlock Your True Potential

Self-mastery not only develops you as a human but also gives you the ability to be successful in Straightness Training. 

Self-mastery helps to create a vision for your future self and to find meaning in challenging times. 

Through self-mastery, you can break through resistance.

You learn to master yourself by getting out of your own way.

Through self-mastery, nothing is holding you back!

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Go Out Of Your Own Way

The ST Academy is designed to assist you on your personal path to mastery.

You've barely scratched the surface of what you can achieve, and you know it!

But my guess is, since you're reading this, you're ready to change all that.

Whether you're a total beginner, an ambitious leisure rider, a professional horse trainer, an equine therapist, an instructor - whoever you are, and whatever you do, there's one thing that's certain:

You are ready to become a next-level horse trainer.

Like a true Renaissance rider who is clever at many things, who keeps learning and growing to become the best version of oneself. 

Ready To Change Your Life? Let's Go...

In the Scholar Programs of the ST Academy, you can find your own personal freedom, and become this next-level horse trainer by 'training' oneself in the spirit of the Renaissance men and woman.

These Renaissance Scholars strived for constant and never-ending improvement in their body, mindset, emotions, spirit, crafts, skills, and many other areas of their life to be able to create things of beauty and worth.

No matter how much doubt you currently have, you can truly change yourself, and create lasting change for your horse.

You just need a different approach.

Therefore, every month, you'll get new insights and resources on topics like:

  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Feeling Better
  • Getting More Done
  • Creating good habits
  • Developing Confidence
  • Getting Your Mojo Back
  • Starting Over
  • Keeping Momentum
  • Staying Focused
  • Getting Results
  • Finding Meaning
  • Making Impact

Start your transformation now to living a better quality of life, and reach long-term success. 

The ST Academy Scholar Programs are designed to help you transform into the good horse trainer you're meant to be so you can turn your (difficult) horse into a dream horse!  

Explore Straightness Training Intellectually

As a Scholar, we embrace the philosophy of "think first, act later". So each month, we start with exploring the world of self-mastery and Straightness Training on an intellectual level. You'll get access to the following resources to improve your 'cognitive mastery':

Experience Straightness Training Experientially

The Scholar Program is THE place to be for riders who'd like to put the theory into practice. Besides intellectual mastery, we also strive for 'emotional' and 'physical' mastery. It's all about learning to do the right things and to do things right. As a Scholar, you'll experience self-mastery and Straightness Training on a deeper, experiential level by getting access to:

Click here for an impression of the online video reviews and live classes:


Start Your Transformation On The 1st!

All Scholar Programs Include Access To the STclopedia

The encyclopedia of Straightness Training helps you learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to actualize your horse's full potential in body, mind, heart, and soul. 

As a Scholar you get access to this STclopedia, and to avoid overwhelm, we will serve it into bit-sized chunks in the form of monthly Mastery lessons so you know exactly where to start and what to do next.

The STclopedia is broken down into 12 Mastery Modules with Lessons with supporting video content and complementary manuals on how to do groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding, and Straightness training at Liberty.

Every month you get access to another set of Mastery Lessons that will help you fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results, and save you years of time-consuming trial and error.

Click the link if you'd like to see how it works:

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Get Access To The ST Evaluation Program

The ST Evaluation Program contains an exclusive collection of hundreds of lessons. You can watch groundwork, work in hand, longeing, riding, and liberty lessons. Lessons with novice and more advanced riders. With young horses, senior horses, and all ages in between. With mares, geldings, and stallions. Warmbloods, thoroughbreds, gaited horses, and many other breeds.

Access to this library is of great importance to fast track your growth, and it's an invaluable support on your ST journey! And when joining the ST Academy as a Scholar, you get instant access to this library of lessons!

See for yourself how Straightness Training Mastery changed their lives:


Get Ready To Get STarted!

If you're a brand new Scholar, you get the first Mastery Module unlocked on the first day of the next month! Then, every month, you'll get a new module - this way you don't get overwhelmed by all the lessons, videos, and manuals, and you never get the feeling of "getting behind". 

What Sets The ST Academy Apart From Any Other Program

The path to mastery is through constant and never-ending improvement. Which is why for as long as our memberships are in existence, we keep adding new materials, so you can keep growing and learning.

There is a reason we're successful in the horse training world: our strategies work across an enormous range of breeds, with riders across 50+ countries and from a variety of disciplines at virtually every stage of their journey. 

Our Customer Happiness Team is exceptional. If you need help or have questions, whatever you wish, we're here to help. You'll always be taken care of with understanding, honesty, and respect.

In the ST Academy, you won't be on your own. Dedicated ST Instructors and ST Evaluators will answer your questions, challenge you to stretch further, and inspire you to stay in action and to persevere.

Hop on live group classes with Marijke where she’ll inspire you in the monthly Self-Mastery class, provide guidance in the Hot Seat and Breakthrough classes, and tackle your toughest questions in the Mastermind class. We record all classes so you can listen and learn at your convenience.

Everybody who is familiar with the ST Community will acknowledge that the atmosphere is always positive and constructive. We have a really, friendly, helpful, supportive group of people. You'll get support from fellow Scholars and ST Instructors, 24/7, 365 days a year!

Everything Is Online - No Travel Required 

The ST Academy is based online so you can participate from home! 

And if you have put wifi out at your barn, you can even listen to LIVE sessions from there!

You can go through the materials whenever you want, learn at your own pace, and work on your own schedule.

Your Personal Path To Mastery

The Scholar path ultimately leads to self-mastery and to becoming the most capable version of yourself! Each month, you will receive a brand new lesson so you can reap the benefits of the practices that I have laid out inside for years to come! The secrets of growing stronger on your personal path to mastery are inside. I invite you to come and share them with me!

Become A Scholar In The ST Academy

Choose The Currency That Works Best For You:


£ 257


This Is What You Get:

  • Access to the STclopedia
  • Explore Guide
  • Experience Guide
  • Self-Mastery Lesson of the Month
  • Group Class I: Self-Mastery Class
  • Group Class II: Hot Seat Reviews
  • Group Class III: 2 min Breakthroughs
  • Group Class IV: Mastermind
  • Habit Stack Workshop
  • 1 Touchstone (Grade 1/2) a month 
  • 1 Hot Seat request a month 
  • 1 Breakthrough request a month 
  • Access to the Evaluation Program
  • Access to the Scholar FB Group 
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€ 267


This Is What You Get:

  • Access to the STclopedia
  • Explore Guide
  • Experience Guide
  • Self-Mastery Lesson of the Month
  • Group Class I: Self-Mastery Class
  • Group Class II: Hot Seat Reviews
  • Group Class III: 2 min Breakthroughs
  • Group Class IV: Mastermind
  • Habit Stack Workshop
  • 1 Touchstone (Grade 1/2) a month 
  • 1 Hot Seat request a month 
  • 1 Breakthrough request a month 
  • Access to the Evaluation Program
  • Access to the Scholar FB Group 
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$ 297


This Is What You Get:

  • Access to the STclopedia
  • Explore Guide
  • Experience Guide
  • Self-Mastery Lesson of the Month
  • Group Class I: Self-Mastery Class
  • Group Class II: Hot Seat Reviews
  • Group Class III: 2 min Breakthroughs
  • Group Class IV: Mastermind
  • Habit Stack Workshop
  • 1 Touchstone (Grade 1/2) a month 
  • 1 Hot Seat request a month 
  • 1 Breakthrough request a month 
  • Access to the Evaluation Program
  • Access to the Scholar FB Group 
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Meet the ST Academy Coaches

❝ In July 2020, I joined Scholars and I decided to go all-in with the monthly ‘cycles’ – including Self Mastery live classes, Hot Seats, Breakthroughs, Mastermind sessions, and then a Touchstone at the end of the month.

Scholars use slogans like “Fail-Fast-Forward” and “5-4-3-2-1-Go”. Getting into the routine of filming and sending in snippets of our work and getting the direct and immediate feedback from Marijke is spinning the learning cycle faster for me, so it has taken my ST-journey to the next level.

When I first started my ST journey, I made a notebook just for this, and on the front of it says “Keep up momentum”. I did not know how true this was and how important a motto this would be. Keeping up momentum it so very hard when you are the only one in your area doing it, so the Scholar Program has been the support I needed to do just that. ❞

~ Hanne Friberg, Denmark

 Joining the Scholars program, has been a game-changer for me. In Scholars, I have had the opportunity to submit Hotseats, Breakthrough videos, and a Touchstone each month. This ‘cycle’ has given me quick feedback on my progress and advice on what to focus on improving. Marijke is an amazing coach and hones in on our key problems instantly. 

I have also received fabulous insights into the training of others, at all stages of their journeys!

Keeping an eye on the essence and mind on the muscle is my new mantra, and I look forward to where the next levels of Straightness Training will take me and my horses.

~ Sarah Orr, Scotland

Join the ST Academy To Help Your Horse - And Make A Measurable Difference To Other Horses Too!

When you invest in your success through the ST Academy, you're not only helping your own horse, but you're also helping other horses in need. 

We believe that animals need to be treated with respect, love, and care. Especially the over 100 million working horses, donkeys, and mules who provide invaluable support to the daily life of an estimated 600 million people in some of the poorest places in the world through transportation and production. Healthy working horses, donkeys and mules help to put food on their owner's tables, send their children to school, and build better futures for themselves and their families. 

Our goal is not only to help you make a positive change for your horse but also to make a positive difference for horses, donkeys, and mules in need. That's why a portion of profits from our company go directly to non-profit organizations that support horses, donkeys, and mules in need.

Here's What You'll Get When Joining The ST Academy

Whether you are just starting out, or want to take your advanced skills to new heights, the ST Academy can help by providing crucial elements vital to your success!

Frequently Asked Questions

The ST Academy is geared for big-hearted horse lovers, novice riders, ambitious leisure riders, advanced horse trainers, and instructors.

It’s for committed beginners and evolving professionals, and for anyone who wants real change.

Many Scholars join to get to transform their lives, to take things to the next level, to achieve their goals, and to feel more empowered overall.

It's for everyone who'd like to get strategies and tools to take their work and their life from good to great!


  • The Scholar Program helps you to explore the world of Straightness Training and self-mastery. It helps you to intellectualy understand what needs to happen, why and how, which help you achieve cognitive mastery. 
  • The Scholar Program is a THE place to be to put the theory into practice. It helps you to experience the world of Straightness Training and self-mastery from the inside out. It helps you to practically experiment with what needs to happen, which gives you emotional and physical mastery.
  • The Scholar Program is for novice riders who wants to get STarted and for advanced riders who wants to get their work to the next level. It helps you to excel in the world of Straightness Training and self-mastery. 

In the past - from 2013 until 2019 - our yearly class was designed as a year long coaching program.

But as of 2020, you can enjoy coaching for as many months as you'd like with one of the Scholar Programs.

Some Scholars will decide to stay in the program for years. Others decide to join for just a few months.

There is no minimum enrollment time, but we know you'll find so much value, you won't want to go.

You can cancel your membership any time, and keep all the downloads... but you won't want to once you start seeing your life change. Simply choose one of the Scholar Programs, and let's get you started. See you inside!

Think about it this way:

Would it be worth 8.61 euro a day for you to come spend time hanging out with me and looking over my shoulder, me helping you..…

...having me walk you through every step, every module, video, manual, framework, concept, strategy, technique, concept, me personally showing you what’s working best and helping you deploy it with your horse.

Well, the videos, manuals, group classes, and video evaluations are meant to give you that same experience!

For example, you show up on in a mastermind session, you say here’s what I need help with, then I walk you through it:


We figured it out together!

Or with your video review, where you’ll get your most important 2mm pointed out:


Another breakthrough!

So I’m giving you the real deal, where I'll tell you "here’s exactly what works, what to do when it doesn’t work out, here’s what to focus on, here’s what to avoid"...

... for only 8,61 a day.

I got on google and I did a search on google for what can you buy for about 8,61.

The best answer I found was a big bag of horse treats.

So what would you rather have?

365 bags of horse treats ... (and a spoiled horse probably at the end of the year) ...

Or a ready to go horse training program created by me personally?

So 8,61 euro is the daily cost for being a Scholar.

8,61 less a day is probably not going to change your life, but the work we do together can change you and your horse for sure!

Together we can do great things!

We’ll work together as a team in your development, towards YOUR goal and the results YOU seek, at your own level - it doesn’t matter if are a beginner or an advanced rider.

And you can train at your own pace, in your equestrian discipline, suitable with your ambition, and your personal situation.

Can It Hurt To Ask?

Of course, people believe that “It can’t hurt to ask!” when referring to asking for a discount.

And I believe, it actually CAN hurt to ask.

1. It Hurts The Relationship 

First, it hurts the relationship:

Imagine you were a car mechanic and I just assumed you’d fix my car for cheaper than for someone else. It’s like saying, “I know you’re great at your job, but I don’t really value your skills completely so I’ll ask for a discount.” 

Now, if you wanted to give me a discount of your own accord (I do this for friends/loyal customers sometimes), then fine, that’s a choice.

But to ask because “it can’t hurt” is purposely belittling the time, energy, and value that person brings to the relationship, or to the thing they’re best at.

And while the person offering the service certainly understands (who wouldn’t want to save money??), it’s not benign.

It’s like someone ignoring your DM—you get it, they’re busy, etc., but it’s not a nothing, it registers.

This is exactly how it feels when someone asks for free stuff.

It’s an awkward bind. 

And should someone be awarded a discount because they simply had the balls to ask?

I’d personally be more likely to offer a discount to someone willing to pay full price happily.

2. It Hurts You 

Second, it hurts YOU.

Asking for deals/discounts and trying to nickel & dime things that have the power to elevate you (like coaching or a course) just solidifies energetically that you’re not actually ready for success.

A success mindset does what’s necessary to achieve that, even when it’s scary or they’re unsure of what will happen.

An abundance mindset KNOWS that their effort, time, and money invested will pay off.

They know that shortcuts rob them of the full experience they need to grow.

Paying full price for something... is for YOU.

It’s an energetic signal that YOU’RE WORTH IT and you’re ready to go!!

And it’s a signal to the other person that you know THEY are worth it.

Together, that combo?


I know you’re insecure or even scared.

So deals and discounts make it feel less risky.

But it’s also doing you a huge disservice in the long run!

Go Full Out

I look very much forward to start working together, because I believe in you and your horse, I believe in this program, and I believe that together we can get far!

Start Your Transformation On The 1st!


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