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Your Straightness Training Programs

You are meant to create beautiful and meaningful results with your horse, so let us help you get there!


We've helped thousands of people to get a balanced horse that is easy-going and a pleasure to ride.

The Scholars Program

Become a confident horse trainer


Go from feeling confused and stuck with your horse to feeling confident and moving forward. Get on the waitlist to receive a special invitation to our next opening, which is once a year.


The Certification Program

Become an amazing ST Instructor


Do what you love. Do what you're good at. Do what the world needs. Do what you can get paid for. It's possible. And you're invited. If you want to discover if the Certification Program is right for you:


Private Coaching

Become the next-level version of you


Marijke de Jong creates customized private coaching packages for a limited number of clients per month. Her one-on-one practice is currently full, but get notified when slots open up.