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Your Straightness Training Programs

You are meant to create beautiful and meaningful results with your horse, so let us help you get there!


We've helped thousands of people to get a balanced horse that is easy-going and a pleasure to ride. 



Get Monthly Evaluation

  • Go from feeling confused and stuck with your horse to feeling confident and moving forward. 

  • Build a STrong foundation in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, ST at liberty - and if you want - in riding. 

  • Commit to your yearly growth and get evaluated on a monthly basis in our membership.

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Get Weekly Coaching

  • Fast-track your growth with weekly coaching from Marijke de Jong. Recieve personalized feedback on your progress, and take your Straightness Training to the next levels.

  • Learn from weekly live classes featuring Scholars in all STages in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding, and ST at liberty.

  • Marijke's focus is on providing high-quality service and attention to our Scholars. This means, customized personal coaching on a weekly basis is available for a limited number of Scholars a month.

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Year Program

ST Instructor Certification

Get Year-Long Guidance

  • Do what you love. Do what you're good at. Do what the world needs. And do what you can get paid for. It's possible. And you're invited.

  • The world needs people like you to create awareness about natural asymmetry and support them with Straightness Training.

  • Turn your hobby into a dream career!

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