Your Straightness Training Programs

You are meant to create beautiful and meaningful results with your horse, so let us help you get there!


We've helped thousands of people to get a balanced horse that is easy-going and a pleasure to ride.

Get STarted Course

From feeling stuck to moving forward


Learn to recognize natural asymmetry and rebalance your horse with Straightness Training in 8 simple STeps. Go from feeling confused and stuck with your horse to feeling confident and moving forward.

Give yourself a jump STart with this 8-week course and build a STrong fundament.

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The Scholars Program

Become a next-level horse trainer


Once you completed your Get STarted Course, continue your Straightness Training journey and widen, broaden and deepen your skills in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, ST at liberty - and if you want - in riding. 

Commit to your yearly growth and get coached on a weekly basis in our membership.

Enrollment is open for you once you finished your Get STarted course.


The Certification Program

Become an amazing ST Instructor


Do what you love. Do what you're good at. Do what the world needs. And do what you can get paid for. It's possible. And you're invited. The world needs people like you to create awareness about natural asymmetry and Straightness Training.

Our instructor training helps to turn your hobby into a dream career in 16 classes spread over a 12 months.

Certification will open up again in October 2023.