Straightness Training

Brings out the
Magnificent Giant
your horse can be!

Since 2004, we have helped
thousands of equestrians overcoming
their horse's natural asymmetry
with Straightness Training.

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Straightness Training

Brings Out The Magnificent Giant Your Horse Can Be!

Since 2004, we have helped thousands of equestrians overcoming their horse's natural asymmetry with Straightness Training.

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ST creates real change

I'm Marijke de Jong, a master instructor and founder of The Straightness Training Academy.

It all started back in 2001 when my horse Maestro became my greatest teacher.

Thanks to him, I learned about natural asymmetry and discovered how to rebalance a horse in body, mind, heart and soul.

That's how Straightness Training (ST) came to be!

Your transformation is our success!


Since 2004, I've been on a mission to help people like you turn their 'Maestro' into the magnficant giant their horse was always meant to be!

I helped my horse Maestro go from "Impossible" to "I'm possible" and you can do the same!

Make it happen with Straightness Training

Turns your struggles into a STrategy:

Get Clarity

I help you recognize and analyze your horse's natural asymmetry.

Get Confidence

Learn exactly how to rebalance your horse using Straightness Training.

Get Results

Optimize your knowledge and skills, so you can actualize your horse's potential.

Get Harmony

Be your horse's possibility partner, achieving a STrong working partnership. 

End unnecessary suffering today 

Learn to assess and address your horse's natural asymmetry


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Find out whether you have a left- or right-bended horse and discover the hidden factor that could be holding your horse's performance back.

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Expand your knowledge about natural asymmetry and Straightness Training and unravel the puzzle that's keeping you stuck.

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They Did it. So Can You!

Hear what other STudents have to say about their Straightness Training journey:


Your personal path to harmony

From understanding your horse's natural asymmetry to gaining certification,
we guide you STep-by-STep on your Straightness Training journey.

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