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Transform into the good horse trainer or instructor you're meant to be!


How would it feel to be able to do the pirouette with your horse? It's possible and we will teach you how!

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Transform into the good horse trainer or instructor you're meant to be!


Wherever you are in the world, whatever breed of horse you have - discover how to use Straightness Training (ST) to create lasting change for you and your 2- or 4-legged students.

Our programs give you direction and enables you to progress at your own pace. It guides you further on your journey with your horse - no matter what level, age, size or conformation.

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Learn how to teach your horse anything you want!


The online ST Academy provides clear concepts, tactics, and strategies that have already helped thousands of riders and horses across the world to get to the next levels.

It's designed to give you clarity and confidence on how to train your horse, break through current obstacles, and take the next step on your personal path to mastery.

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What we do

The ST Academy helps you to achieve mastery in three areas. 

Mastery of Oneself

We help you shift boundaries within yourself, so you can achieve harmony in your own body, mind, heart, and soul. 

Mastery of ST

Learn how to rebalance your horse physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by using Straightness Training.  

Mastery of The Horse

Through mastery of oneself and ST, you can create real beauty and bring out the magnificent giant your horse can be.

How it works...

Two opportunities to get the most out of yourself.


Marijke de Jong founded the international Straightness Training Academy in 2013 with the goal of helping riders create an amazing relationship and magnificent life with their horses - wherever they are in the world.

Marijke has coached thousands of riders individually and in groups to improve their horsemanship, their training skills, their horse's well-being, and their own lives.

Through the ST Academy, Marijke has created the online group coaching program, called Scholars, as well as the Certification Path:

Scholars Program

Scholars will help you change your life and that of your horse completely. No matter where you are on your personal path to mastery, we’ll give you the tools to go even further. Scholars is perfect for you if you want to become a next-level horse trainer and start creating serious results.

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Certification Path

If you want to become a certified horse trainer, or if you’re considering becoming an ST Instructor, Evaluator, or Academy Coach, our Certification Path shows you how to get certified. Click the button to find out more about the Touchstones, Grades, and professional certifications.

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What Scholars are saying

Hear from riders who made their dream with their horse come true! Everyday, they are an example of what's possible. They started off exactly where you are today — wanting to become a next-level horse trainer and to make a positive difference for their horse. 

Cynthia Adams, Canada

"Straightness Training has been a godsend for me and my mare. Straightness Training has been an integral part in strengthening my mare’s back, which has been essential in helping her cope with previous injuries. I’ve always had a good relationship with my mare; however, liberty has been super helpful in developing an even stronger bond. The Scholars program benefits both our horses as well as their humans. I highly recommend it."

Hanne Friberg, Denmark

"In July 2020, I joined Scholars and I decided to go all-in with the monthly ‘cycles’ – including Self Mastery live classes, Hot Seats, Breakthroughs, Mastermind sessions, and then a Touchstone at the end of the month. Getting into the routine of filming and sending in snippets of our work and getting the direct and immediate feedback from Marijke is spinning the learning cycle faster for me, so it has taken my ST-journey to the next level."

Zaneta Georgiades, South Africa

"The Straightness Training Academy is at best life changing, and at worst you just become a better horse trainer. This sounds silly because becoming a better horse trainer is amazing in itself, but really, the least you can get out of it is that you will just know more about horses and you will just become a better horse trainer. That’s the minimum that you can get out of this program and the maximum is that you become the best version of yourself. "

Nice to meet you!

"Hi, I'm Marijke.

A master horse trainer, an expert in Straightness Training, a forever student, and a researcher for life. I'm always curious to explore original solutions, and dedicated to helping you get the results you're looking for!"

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The ST Academy is designed to assist you on your personal path to mastery.

We already helped thousands of people and horses across 65+ countries, and we'd be honored to work with you too!

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