Clarity Creates Confidence | Masterclass Starts Soon

We’re a little less than two weeks out from the first session of my LIVE Masterclass about Straightness Training.

I’m going to deliver 8+ hours of FREE training to give you the clarity and confidence on where to start and what to do next when it comes to Straightness Training.

This is a quick little overview of how we'll be organizing the Masterclass Experience:

Join The Masterclass Experience

It's 100% LIVE, and you can enjoy it FREE!

If you want priority notification to get access to the Live Masterclass, just put in your name and your best email address, and we’re going to be sending you some really cool updates right away:

Why The ST Academy?

We believe that the world needs riders who have an amazing relationship and magnificent life with their horses.

A world without unnecessary suffering for horses and riders, because life’s too short to suffer.

The online ST Academy is designed to support riders and their horses - wherever they are in the world.

In the ST Academy, you'll learn about the concepts, tactics, and strategies that helped riders across the world to overcome struggles, plateaus, setbacks, and challenges with their horse.

Ready To Make Your Dreams Come True?

The ST Academy aims to form a worldwide professional group of loyal and dedicated horse trainers and instructors who commit themselves to the cause of improving health, joy, and beauty in working with horses based on the principles of Straightness Training (ST).

It empowers riders to create an amazing relationship with their horse and to lead a magnificent life together!

Now to make this dream come true, we use the concept of:

Each One, Teach One

Each one' who enters the ST Academy starts to 'teach one' horse.

Every time we can make a difference in a rider’s life, and really get them to use StraightnessTraining where they OWN it...

That means...

Where they don’t just make the change in their horse...

But understand HOW they did it and WHY they did it...

Then that person is able to really make a positive difference for his or her horse!

With the 'each one, teach one' principle we are changing the world one owner and one horse at a time.

And then you get this GIGANTIC multiplied and worldwide effect!

Now to make a life-changing impact, we are doing everything we can to empower you to:

This Is How It Works

It all starts with the ST Mastery Program, which will help you fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results, and save you years of time-consuming trial and error. 

The next step is the ST Evaluation Program, which is designed to evaluate and measure your level of skill and that of your horse. This approach enables you to progress at your own pace, to stay on track, and guide you further on your journey.

Riders who passed a certain set of evaluations in all 5 training pillars of ST - which are groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding, and liberty -  those riders can be invited to the international ST Instructor Program.

Optimize Your Skills & Actualize Your Horse's Potential

The Mastery Class - which is the 12-month coaching program - is designed to walk you STep-by-STep through the Mastery and Evaluation Program.

We already helped thousands of Mastery students across 50+ countries, and we'd be honored to work with you too!

It helps you to optimize your knowledge and skills, and as a result, you can actualize your horse's potential in body, mind, heart, and soul:


And to fast-track this process, we believe in the African Proverb which says:

"If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together." 

Together Is Better

A lot of riders are 'the only one' doing Straightness Training in the riding arena...

Or at the barn...

Or in their home-town...

Or even in the country!

And that's the wonderful thing about the ST Academy:

You’ll reach ST experts and like-minded Mastery students all across the world, but you never have to leave home!

So we believe in 'together is better'!

And thanks to the internet we can do great things together, and get far!

We can build a world in which the vast majority of riders go home every day feeling fulfilled by training their horse!

We believe in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

And we'd love 💕to have you join us!


Who Is The Program For?

What Can The ST Academy Do For You?

Getting your horse happy and healthy and becoming the good horse trainer you're meant to be, requires clarity, vision, and the ability to take action on a consitent basis on the right STrategies.

Without a roadmap and STep-by-STep guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

The ST Academy can accelerate your growth and save you years of unnecessary suffering and time-consuming trial and error.

Our primary goal is to train you to think, act, and interact like an allround horse trainer, so you have skills that serve you for life.

What Sets The ST Academy Apart From Any Other Program?

The path to mastery is through constant and never-ending repetition. Which is why for as long as the program is in existence, you can revisit the program and its ST library, year after year, at no additional charge.

There is a reason we're successful in the horse training world: our strategies work across an enormous range of breeds, with riders across 50+ countries and from a variety of disciplines at virtually every stage of their journey. 

Our Customer Happiness Team is exceptional. If you need help or have questions, whatever you wish, we're here to help. You'll always be taken care of with understanding, honesty, and respect.

In the ST Academy, you won't be on your own. Dedicated ST Instructors and ST Evaluators will answer your questions, challenge you to stretch further, and inspire you to stay in action and to persevere.

Everybody who is familiar with the ST Community will acknowledge that the atmosphere is always positive and constructive. We have a  really, friendly, helpful, supportive group of people.

We've always backed the ST Academy with a 100% risk-free guarantee. This guarantee is our way of making safe that you won’t be disappointed, and that there is no risk involved on your side.  

Join The Over 2000+ Happy Mastery Students From 50+ Countries

When you do the work and stay committed, you can create extraordinary results with your 'ordinary' horse.


Here are some Academy STatistics that you might find interesting:

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