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You Love Horses...

You're passionate about your equine partner!

And you want to create an enjoyable riding experience.

Or a harmonious relationship so you can do great things together.

But You Are Struggling ...

Sometimes, it seems like you're standing still, not making any real progress with your horse.

You might have realized your horse doesn't always behave the same way on both sides: 

  • Your horse has a 'difficult' or 'stronger' side,
  • Moves more easily in one direction than the other,
  • Tends to fall in or out on the circle,
  • Is heavy on one rein,
  • Moves slow or irregular,
  • Or often falls into cross canter,

But you're not sure what to do about these riding issues.


Or It's Your Horse's Behavior...


  • Your horse is stubborn and refuses to listen to your aids.
  • Or it feels like your horse is the one in control - like you're just along for the ride.
  • Perhaps you have a horse that is spooky and easily upset about the tiniest thing.
  • Or a horse that is a bit pushy and stepping into your space all the time.

All this could be holding you back from making progress and having fun.

You Gave Your All...


You've probably spent a lot of time, money, or energy on these issues.

You've likely tried all sorts of remedies, treatments or therapists.

Some of which may have offered short term relief.

But that’s all.

Nothing seems to work long-term...

Doing activities with your horse is still complated.

Riding seems impossible.

But you can't fix it. 

The Worst Part?

The struggles can make you feel disconnected from your horse, like you're blaming your horse for the problems you both face.

Maybe you're even feeling rejected by your horse.

Or you find yourself feeling frustrated, not knowing which way to go.

Then it's easy to feel like giving up, and start believing that your horse will never improve...

And That's Just Not How It Should Be...


No one should go through unnecessary suffering with their horse.

An imbalanced horse is no fun.

If you STRONGLY believe that it shouldn't have to be this way...

That there has to be a way out...

Your thoughts are spot on!

You and your horse are meant for much more than this.

And you know it.

My guess is, since you're reading this, you're ready to change all that!

Here's the Good News...

  • It's not your fault
  • It's not your horse's either

It's Mother Nature!

Natural asymmetry is a  normal and common phenomenon in horses that affects their balance and performance if we don't address it properly.

It can cause a LOT of problems when riding your horse.

But we can fight this common 'enemy' together.

We Know Who the "Bad Guy" Is...

It's your horse's natural asymmetry.

Now, we are all born as asymmetrical beings

For example, all creatures are left or right handed - in the hands, feet, paws, claws or hooves.

And this of great help for survival.

But it totally backfires the moment we start riding our horse.

If we don't develop our horse equally in body and limbs, all kinds of "bad" things can happen:

  • rearing
  • bucking
  • your horse won't yield
  • goes against your hand
  • develops¬†an underneck
  • swishes the tail all the time
  • leans in on the circle
  • shows grumpy behavior
  • has a hollow topline
  • the saddles slips to one side all the time

Don't let this happen!

Let Me Help You Unravel The Puzzle

If you're new to me...

I'm Marijke de Jong, founder of Straightness Training, and I'm all about figuring out the 'why' behind what your horse does.

You see, back in 2001, I met a horse named Maestro. Boy, was he a handful! Hard to turn, always rearing, and really, really tough to ride.

I tried everything I knew to solve these problems - but nothing seemed to work.

Then one day, I discovered the root cause: Maestro wasn't just being difficult. He was asymmetrical in 8 different dimensions! That discovery changed everything, so now, I want to share what I learned about natural asymmetry with riders like you.

That's why I've created a Free Training: to help you understand why your horse is struggling and give you the 6 keys of Straightness Training to overcome those challenges.

Think of it as your Ultimate STarter Kit to solving your horse puzzle!

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The Roadmap To Success Is Here. And It's Free!

Complete Your Puzzle!

Learn to recognize the full scope of natural asymmetry, find out how to rebalance it with Straightness Training, and know the ingredients to get the results you're looking for!

Take these 3 simple STeps:



Discover the 8 dimensions of natural asymmetry that cause riding, behavioral and physical problems.



Find out how the 6 keys of Straightness Training can help you balance out these asymmetries.



Learn more about the exercises that will keep your horse fit, healthy, flexible and strong until an old age.

By the End of the Free Training, You'll Have:

  • A deep understanding why your horse¬†is doing¬†what he's doing and the root cause of¬†you and your horse's struggles.
  • Knowledge about the¬†solution to eliminate unnecessary stress, frustration, and disappointment.¬†
  • Awareness of the¬†essential keys to overcome challenges and setbacks with your horse.
  • A powerful¬†roadmap to create long-lasting change - regardless of your horse's breed, age, size,¬†shape, body proportions, or athletic ability.
  • A sense of relief as you transform frustration into fascination, embracing the journey to be the best you can be for your horse.
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What Others Have to Say About the Free Training

Peter H.

This free training is a game-changer. I had no idea how much natural asymmetry was affecting my horse's ability to perform, but now that I'm aware of it, I can take steps to counteract it. Thank you for making this information available to everyone!

Elizabeth J.

The two theory lectures in this free training are a must-watch for any equestrian rider. I had been feeling frustrated with my horse's behavior, but this free training allowed me to see things from a new perspective.

Amelia W.

The eBook that comes with this free training is worth its weight in gold! It's packed with valuable exercises and practical tips that I've already started using with my horse.

Tiina S.

I remember your first videos. You have done a great, persistent job! I honor you in many ways. You have opened so many doors for so many people and lead by example.

Miriam B.

I followed your work through the years and you were a pioneer in online teaching. You have changed the lives of many, many horses and humans in the world!

Ana M.

You devised a well-structured, easy-to-follow, step-by-step method that will benefit any horse regardless of the handler's current experience. Thank you for your commitment!

Stop Struggling

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