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The Straightness Training Academy provides the most comprehensive schooling experience. It is designed for riders who want to become next-level horse trainers.


Scholars is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to train your horse like a pro - but how to create the results with your horse that you are looking for.

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How much have you and your horse grown this year?


If you don’t absolutely love the answer to that question, Scholars is for you. This program is designed for riders who want to start creating the results they are looking for. Join Scholars and receive the tools to become a next-level human and horse trainer.

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How much have you and your horse developed this year?

If you're not happy with the answer, you're in the right place.


We'd all love to have this blissful 'centaur' connection with our horse one day, where two become one and can do amazing things together... but maybe you have a challenging horse at the moment?

  • A very crooked horse that is difficult to turn, or heavy on the reins, and therefore not easy to ride?
  • Or a bossy horse that is a bit pushy and grumpy or nips, bites and grabs the reins all the time?
  • Or a spooky one that is jumpy, nervy, and easily upset and stressed about the tiniest things?

This could be holding your horse back from making progress and enjoying the training sessions.

It probably makes you struggle to get your horse on the same page as you.

But maybe it's not your horse, maybe it's you...

Do you feel stuck in life? 

What's holding you back?

  • Maybe you don't know how to break through current obstacles?
  • Maybe you're feeling worried about doing it 'wrong'?
  • Or maybe you can't let go of the past?
  • Or you're not sure about where to start or what to do next, or when to move on to the next stage?

  • Maybe you're caught up in overwhelm?

So you're feeling a mix of confusion and frustration because you haven't yet figured out how to turn things around and you can't find a way out of your situation.

But maybe it's not you, it's not your horse, it's just that you don't have access to an instructor...

Do you need coaching?

Do you need an instructor who can help you get the results you want?


Maybe that's the uncertain factor that keeps you from making progress. You’re an ambitious rider, fully aware you're capable of so much more. 

Whether you're a novice rider or an ambitious leisure rider - whoever you are, and whatever you do - there's one thing that's certain:

  • You, too, can experience the great joy that comes from having a flourishing relationship and an empowering partnership with your horse.

You've barely scratched the surface of what you and your horse can achieve, and you know it, so:

  • If you STRONGLY believe that it shouldn't have to be this way,
  • That you and your horse are meant for much more than this,
  • That there has to be a way out,
  • That there's something big out there waiting for you...

You're in the right place, and I'm going to tell you exactly how the Straightness Training Academy will give you the inspiration, support, and tools you need for your personal path to mastery, so you can get the results you're looking for.

Then Scholars is the place to be!


Unlock your true potential

With mastery nothing can hold you back.

Master Yourself

We help you shift boundaries within yourself, so you can achieve harmony in your own body, mind, heart, and soul. 

Master Straightness Training

Learn how to rebalance your horse physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by using Straightness Training.  

Master Your Horse

Through mastery of oneself and ST, you can bring out the magnificent giant your horse can be!

Let's create long-lasting change

Achieve the highest levels possible in a horse-friendly way!


Strengthen your bond!

Get a great working partnership!


It's time...

If you face challenges with your horse, or feel stuck in life, or want to get to the next level, it's time to change.


I know this firsthand...

After meeting some very complicated horses myself, and after years of teaching other riders, I can honestly say that growing and transforming together with a horse is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures you can experience in a lifetime. 

I also believe that the horse-world will improve immensely when more horses are trained by people like YOU! People who put the well-being of the horse first. 

Which is why I'd love you to join the Scholars Program, as it will help you:

  • Fast-track your growth,
  • Achieve extraordinary results with ordinary horses,
  • Save you time-consuming trial & error and unnecessary suffering,
  • Have your horse using his qualities to work for you instead of against you.

Here's what you get in Scholars

Get instant access to the tools you need to start making changes now.


This includes:

  • Concepts

    New Mastery lessons each month to keep you learning.
  • Clarity

    How-to videos to learn how to do the right things and how to do things right.
  • Classes

    Meet me and the Academy Coaches live in daily group classes.
  • Coaching

    Get weekly feedback on your videos and stay on track.
  • Counseling

    Ask us anything in live Q&A sessions.
  • Community

    Grow valuable connections and friendships with fellow Scholars.
  • Care

    Enjoy 24/7 support so you never get stuck.

This alone is an immense amount of value for the amount you pay each month, but you'll get even more!

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Learn how to build a better body

Discover how to do the right thing and how to do things right.


To improve and increase our horse’s symmetry, flexibility, and strength, we use a logical system of progressive exercises. 

The Scholars Program explains all these gymnastic exercises, from basic to advanced, from the circle to the pirouette.

You'll learn why to use them, and how to teach your horse these powerful exercises in walk, trot, and canter.

All 'how-to' videos and manuals about the exercises are easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to put to use right away!


Make change happen

Take a look at just a fraction of what you will be teaching your horse in Scholars:


ST Exercises

Learn where to start and what to do next.

Discover the power of the sequence.

Scholars also teaches you how to perform all these exercises in

  • Groundwork
  • Longing
  • Work in hand
  • Riding
  • Liberty
  • Walk
  • Trot
  • Canter
  • Extension
  • Collection
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All The Tools You Need Are In Your Library


Getting your horse happy and healthy, and becoming the good horse trainer you're meant to be requires clarity, confidence, vision, and the ability to take action on a consistent basis using the right strategies.

Without a roadmap and STep-by-STep guidance, the process can be confusing.

Our primary goal is to help you to think, act, and interact like an all-round horse trainer, so you have skills that serve you for life.

You get access to a set of 20 Modules, and to avoid overwhelm, we serve these to you in bite-sized chunks in the form of monthly Mastery lessons, so you know exactly where to start and what to do next.

You get new how-to videos unlocked on the first day of the month. Then, every month, you'll get a new set of resources - this way, you never get the feeling of 'falling behind'. 

Through the program you will master:


Create a rock solid basis 

Get a reliable foundation and a clear action plan to take the training with your horse to new heights. 

Unravel the magic of half-halts

Know exactly when, where, why, and how to use mental, energetic, voice, seat, leg, and rein aids. 

Learn the most effective exercises

Learn easy-to-use exercises to strengthen your horse's hind legs and ease the load on the fragile front legs. 

Get your horse fit & flexible

Learn how to stretch, contract, and relax muscles in walk, trot, and canter, and how to deal with challenges.

Unleash the magnificent giant

Discover the 'why' behind all exercises, so you do them all with essence and for the benefit of your horse.

Become working partners

Get a strong horse that can carry you easily until an old age, and a reliable horse that you can depend on, wherever you go.

Get united as one

Synchronize with your horse and achieve complete harmony, togetherness, and oneness with your horse.

Create understanding & motivation

Find your horse focused, interested, and strongly motivated to learn and do whatever you want your horse to do.

Find what needs to be found

You'll not walk in the footsteps of the old grandmasters, but search for what they were searching for.

Here's something else we've got for you

Evolve from intellectual to experiential mastery


When putting the theory in practice, it's about learning to do the right things and to do things right. Therefore, we use the monthly coaching cycle to improve your work with your horse. 

No other equestrian school uses this cycle; it’s what makes us different.

  • 1. Every first week of the month, we kick off with an empowering self-mastery class to set the month up for success.
  • 2. In the second week, you can choose an Academy Coach for a hot seat session, in which you get live feedback on a video of you and your horse in action.
  • 3. In the third week, your coach checks your homework and helps you breakthrough to the next level.
  • 4. In the fourth week, you meet your coach live in a mastermind session, so you can ask questions you might have.
  • 5. At the end of the month, you can submit a video with your monthly end-result, and that touchstone will be evaluated by your coach. 

This is by far the most effective way to help you get the results you are looking for.

It helps you stay on track and improve your work with the important little details. 

ST Academy Coaches

Dedicated to your progress. 


Every coach in the ST Academy started off exactly where you are today. They have been successful in Straightness Training and want to help you travel the same path. 

ST Academy Coaches are ST Instructors and Evaluators who operate under Marijke de Jong’s intensive supervision. They teach according to a collection of coaching and evaluation guidelines and with these guidelines we set a high standard and create uniformity in the evaluations.

You can consider an ST Academy Coach as your personal trainer to support you in your transformation and creation of life-changing results.

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If you’re ready to go all in and create the results you're looking for, you’re in the right place. 


Your Monthly Investment

€ 267

a month

  • Get access to daily live classes.
  • Get weekly online coaching.
  • Get clarity and confidence.
  • Get better and feel competent.
  • Get the results you're looking for.
  • Get connected to a world-class community.

It's an immense amount of value for what you pay each month, and it’s unlike any program you’ve ever tried before.

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What Scholars Are Saying

The ST Academy is for doers, difference makers, and game changers who want to use their gifts to be the best they can be for their horse.

Hanne Friberg, Denmark


"Getting into the routine of filming and sending in snippets of our work and getting the direct and immediate feedback from Marijke is spinning the learning cycle faster for me, so it has taken my ST-journey to the next level."

Sarah Orr, Scotland


"Joining the Scholars Program, has been a game-changer for me. It has given me quick feedback on my progress and advice on what to focus on improving. Marijke is an amazing coach and hones in on our key problems instantly."

Kadri Mäkišev, Estonia


"The Scholars Program is just a fantastic way to go! Seeing the other Scholars' work, the challenges they are facing, and the feedback they are given provides so much value and awareness. And of course, our community is just the most supportive and empowering community I have ever belonged to."

Burning Q's

your fellow Scholars asked before grabbing their access

 Ready to bet on yourself? It's your time!


Join the ST Academy To Help Your Horse - And Make A Measurable Difference To Other Horses And Donkeys Too!

When you invest in your success through the Scholars Membership, you're not only helping your own horse, but you're also helping other horses in need.

We believe that animals need to be treated with respect, love, and care. And this is especially the case for the more than 100 million working horses, donkeys, and mules who provide invaluable support to the daily lives of an estimated 600 million people in some of the poorest places in the world through transportation and production. Healthy working horses, donkeys, and mules help to put food on their tables, send their children to school, and build better futures for themselves and their families.

Our goal is not only to help you make a positive change for your horse but also to make a positive difference for horses, donkeys, and mules in need. That's why a portion of profits from our company go directly to non-profit organizations that support horses, donkeys, and mules in need.

How Far Can We Go

We believe in a bright future and our ability to build it together.


Together Is Better

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

~ African Proverb

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You are meant to be one of the good horse trainers

... so let me help you get there!


You want to help develop your horse and working together can help you do that. 

Just enroll in Scholars today.

I very much look forward to starting to work together to take your skills to the next level!

And I can tell you that there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to contribute to the well-being of your horse, so that you can help him to grow in body, mind, heart, and soul.

Just imagine, what it will be like in a few months from now when you and your horse are at the next level!

I can’t wait to witness that!

So join me in Scholars and enjoy the coaching cycles together.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Don't miss out and start reaping the benefits of this program today!

I can’t wait to meet you and cheer you on inside Scholars!

Talk soon!

~ Marijke


Let's Do This! Join Scholars Today

If you’re ready to go all in on yourself and create the results you're looking for, you’re in the right place. 

Your Monthly Investment

€ 267

a month

  • Get Coached
  • Get Better
  • Get Results
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