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  • ST Mastery Program (€2597 value)
  • 100 STeps Email Coaching (€197 value)
  • ST Evaluation Program (€1597 value)
  • 12x Touchstone (€127/m value)
  • 24x Live Clinics + Archive (€997 value)
  • 12x Q&A + Archive (€495 value)
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  • Natural Asymmetry Assessment Course (€637 value)
  • Get STarted — the 8-STage Success Pathway (€997 value)
  • ST Mastery Program (€2597 value)
  • 100 STeps Email Coaching (€197 value)
  • ST Evaluation Program (€1597 value)
  • 12x Touchstone (€127/m value)
  • 24x Live Clinics + Archive (€997 value)
  • 12x Q&A + Archive (€495 value)
  • 12x Live Mastermind (priceless)
  • 24/7 Community Support (priceless)
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1-Year Membership Worth over €8844

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You’re Protected By Our 100% Action Taker's Money Back Guarantee

The Scholars Program has the power to profoundly change you and your horse's life, and if you do the work, we're absolutely certain it's going to help you and your horse!

If, by the end of the first 8 weeks in the 8 STage Success Pathway, you have not achieved your Groundwork Grade 1 Touchstone Certification after completing all required STeps and mileSTones, simply send us your completed work — we will then issue you a full refund.

Real STories, Real Success

Hear from Scholars who have experienced breakthroughs with their horses in our membership:

Ivana Kovaříková & Spotty Doc Chex

"I love the immense scope of the Scholars program. ST has brought me to many disclosures. Finally, I have grasped the truth that I have to change from inside out to change the outcomes."

Rosan Veer & Ciaran (Merens)

"I thoroughly believe in ST because I have seen the enormous value it has to offer for riders and horses. ST has changed many lives and even saved the lives of horses who were given up on." 

Maria Retyunskaya & Ave Maria (German Warmblood)

"During these years with ST, me and my horses have changed mentally and physically. I’m happy for me and for Maria. We made it together and it is not the end but the beginning of a new journey of discovery."

Anna van Rheeden & Super (Indonesian Pony)

"Without ST, our horses would still be unbalanced, muscled in the wrong places,developing navicular disease  – but most of all without ST, I wouldn’t have been able to develop myself as much as I did." 

This is an AMAZING program. I have studied many different dressage and natural horsemanship programs - nothing helps the horses and riders to the degree that this program does. This program brings everything together. I am a lifelong student of dressage, I have read many books and been looking for the secrets of the Masters. When I had the good fortune of coming across this program, I did not hesitate to sign up.

I could see that this was what I had been looking for all these years. Dressage seems to have become such a struggle for many, and this program put everything into place for me. I no longer feel the need to look for the secrets and answers to the same degree as before, I understand what and where most of the struggle and problems are arising from. Natural Asymmetry. I now have the basic tools to fix this!

~ Kirsy, USA

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Diane B.

"I love the STages! One STep at a time! Each time I go through them I find more and more!! My horse and I are so grateful. I am grateful for the increasing knowledge and I am sure my horse is grateful that I am starting to get it right! Thank you!!"

Ivana S.

"My pace is slow, but I am so happy to have so nice support from Marijke, team and community, I like that the most! At the beginning of ST, I had a horse with problems - mental state was really demanding to deal with, but now we have changed it!"

Simone R.

"The email coaching guides you through every stage, so you don`t miss something. The emails let you know, what to do first and what to do next, so this helps a lot to start in a logical order. I loved to open my inbox expecting an email from Marijke!"

Geralde P.

"What I like the most is that I got so many answers to many of my questions. I now understand what it takes to train a horse and why you should train a horse other than indeed doing one hour with walk, trot and canter left and right. If everyone does it like that and they teach you like that, you initially think that that is the right way. But I noticed it wasn't getting me any further. Now I know why!"

Em F.

"I so like the knowledge I have gained without noticing it even happen. I was entirely uncertain about my horse's natural asymmetry at the beginning and now I realise he is definitely right bended and finds going left on a circle and particularly haunches very hard. Such good unexpected learning! The pleasure I found in persisting and to really discover that Failing Fast Forward works!"

Adiva M.

"The Touchstone evaluation feedback was very helpful and kind but constructive. Thankful for the program to give me a goal to reach and more goals to work towards. I want to be better for my horses and my students. "

Anna van R.

"The logical progressive steps of the exercises make so much sense.  When problems arise in a certain area, you go back to the previous step to fix it. It is all about the fundaments, helping the horse to become more balanced in their body, and therefore also in their mind. It really works."

Everything Is Online - No Travel Required

  • The Scholars Monthly Membership is based online, so you can participate from home.
  • You can go through the materials at your own pace and revisit it any time.
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What Set's The ST Academy Apart From Any Other Online Program 

01 | All Horses are Welcome

There is a reason we're successful in the horse training world: our strategies work across an enormous range of breeds.

02 | World-Class Community

We work with riders across 65+ countries and from a variety of disciplines at virtually every stage of their journey. 

03 | Dedicated Instructors

In the ST Academy, you won't be on your own. Dedicated ST Instructors will answer your questions, challenge you to stretch further, and inspire you to stay in action and to persevere.

04 | Action Taker Guarantee

We've got your back with our 100% Action Taker's Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee is our way of making safe that you won’t be disappointed, if you put in your hunger, heart and hard work.

Who Can Benefit From the This Program?

There is a reason we're successful in the horse training world: 

Our STrategies work across an enormous range of breeds, with riders across 65+ countries and from a variety of disciplines at virtually every stage of their journey.

And that's why we made sure the Scholars Program could help you, regardless your background.

This program was specifically built to help people with horse's like... 

  • Warmbloods: Hanoverian, Trakehner, Selle Français, KWPN, ISH, etc.
  • Coldbloods: Clydesdales, Shires, Percherons, Norikers, Haflingers, Norwegians etc.
  • Hot bloods: Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Akhal-Teke, Spanish Barbs, Anglo-Arabians etc.
  • Ponies: Connamaras, Welsh Cobs, Gypsy Cobs, Hackneys, Shetlanders, POAs, etc. 
  • Barock horses: Lusitanos, Friesians, PREs, Frederiksborgers, Lippizanians, etc.
  • Gaited horses: Icelandics, Paso Finos, Campolinas, Peruvian Pasos, Tennessee Walkers, etc.
  • Natural Horsemanship horses: Parelli, Monty Roberts, clicker, liberty, and related approaches 
  • Western Horsemanship horses: cow horses, ranch horses, reining, cutting, trail, pleasure etc.
  • Sports horses: dressage, eventing, jumping, endurance, race, polo, vaulting, Working Equitation, etc.
  • Classical Dressage horses: Baroque/Renaissance, German/ French/Italian school, Doma Vaquera, etc.
  • Other discplines: Driving, Side Saddle, Mounted Archery, and other styles.

Long story short:

If you do something with a horse, then this program is for you!


Because every horse is asymmetrical by nature. 

Overlooking this fact can lead to a whole range of physical and behavioral issues - regardless of the horse's breed or equestrian discipline.

Ignoring the natural asymmetry can lower your horse's quality of life and shorten its lifespan.

You see, only a flexible, supple, strong and balanced horse will help you reach your goals and enjoy the process. 

So it's crucial and essential to focus on symmetrical development in your horse's body and limbs.

Whether you're looking to get STarted or seeking to refine your STrategies at a professional level, the Scholars program bridges the gap across all STages of mastery.

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Polina & Derekly

"Thanks a lot, Marijke! I have learned loads. As an owner of an Akhal-Teke I loved to hear this: "There is no carrying ability in the hind legs yet, but there is a lot of POSSIBILITY". Be a possibility partner!!!"

A Fair Warning...

What if you ignore your horse's natural asymmetry?

Well, you could keep running into these performance roadblocks.

Even worse, your horse's health and longevity could be at risk.

Without addressing natural asymmetry, you might face persistent challenges in training and riding.

Don't let this happen.

Remember, the struggles you're experiencing are neither your fault nor your horse's. They're simply the result of natural asymmetry - a common trait in all horses. 

With the Scholars Program you can be certain that you are taking the crucial STeps towards transformation, long-lasting change and longevity!


And remember:

I believe in you!

I believe in your horse!

I believe in Straightness Training

And I believe together we can do GREAT things!

So let's make it happen in Scholars.

Let me be your possibility partner.

So you can be an example of what's possible! 

~ Marijke de Jong

Be an Example of What's Possible

Join us in the Scholars Program:

  • Optimize your knowledge and skills
  • Actualize your horse's potential
  • Unlock longevity for your horse
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