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Becoming An Amazing Straightness Training Instructor Is Possible For You!

Begin an inspiring path where you:

Do what you love.

Do what you're good at.

Do what the world needs.

Do what you can get paid for.



Decide to start living your purpose

The world needs you at your best

Just imagine, having a reason to jump out of bed every morning.

Living a life filled with meaning, purpose, joy, and satisfaction.

Helping horses and their humans to overcome their struggles and unnecessary suffering.

Turn your hobby into a dream career

Our Certification Program will help you make your dreams come true

Start expressing the best version of yourself, not only as a horse trainer but also as an instructor.

The Basic ST Instructor Certification Program gives you the opportunity to live life on your terms.

Convert your calling into a reality

Live in alignment with who you know you can be

If you’ve always dreamed about working with horses and doing something that makes a REAL difference in people’s and horse's lives...

Let me help you!

I believe in you, I believe the program, and I believe together we can do great things!

I'm Marijke de Jong, founder of The Straightness Training Academy.

I've helped thousands of equestrians counteract their horse's natural asymmetry and trained 125+ instructors to do the same.

You have what it takes to become an amazing ST Instructor.

I can 100% help you. I've got you!


Set Yourself Up For Success 

With the Certifiction Program, you'll develop in three areas:


Elevate your knowledge and skills with a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of Straightness Training.


Unlock your teaching potential with empowering concepts, exclusive worksheets, and life-changing tools.


Turn your passion into a profitable career with a clear step-by-step plan and high-quality education and training. 

The secret behind our success - and yours

The six keys of Straightness Training

  • The foundation of the ST Academy is causal coaching. We don't fight the symptoms. We focus on finding the root of the problem.
  • Our logical system of progressive exercises can solve any problem that is caused by natural asymmetry. Learn and apply these exercises and then pass them on to your students.

What Sets You Apart As Instructor

The unmounted training pillars of ST set you and your students up for success


Groundwork is were we start to counteract the eight dimensions of natural asymmetry.


With longeing, each horse can learn to how to 'turn' instead of falling on the inside or outside shoulder.

Work in hand

Many riding problems can be solved in work in hand, and it helps us prepare our horse for ridden work.

Work in hand

Many riding problems can be solved in work in hand, and it helps us prepare our horse for ridden work.

Become a confident ST Instructor


There’s a proven path to support you every step of the way.

Our Certification Program is designed for your transformation.

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Here's How It Works:

The Certification Program provides the elements vital to your success!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to expand and grow your existing teaching practice, this program can help. 


Video & Worksheets

Get a high-quality education with lectures, where I explain and demonstrate powerful teaching concepts.


Live & Replays

Meet me and fellow instructors live in inspiring group classes, and get all your questions answered. 


Peers & Real clients

Practice the teaching tools and coaching concepts online with your peers, and in-person with real clients and real horses.


Assignments & Exams

Certification is earned after paying attention in class, joining calls, practicing the tools, creating assignments and a theory exam.

Everything Is Online - No Travel Required

  • The entire program is based online, so you can participate from home.
  • You can learn at your own pace and can work on your own schedule.
  • You can revisit and review the materials and resources any time.


Accelerate Your Progress With These Exclusive Insentives

These extra benefits will help you get to the next levels of your abilities easier and faster

The STclopedia

Lifetime Access

Unlock all modules in the Mastery program and gain access to my life's work. With this extensive library of training videos, you'll have a visual guide on how to train your horse all the way up to the levade.

✔ Value € 2597 Included with your tuition

ST Evaluation Program

Lifetime Access

All opportunities to submit training sessions with your horse unlocked once you enroll, with lifetime access after certification. This way you can always have your progress evaluated.

✔ Value € 1597 Included with your tuition

Scholars Membership

Until December 2025

Transform your own Straightness Training with our weekly live coaching sessions. You'll receive personalized guidance to help you improve and achieve the results you're looking for with your horse. 

✔ Value € 7128 Included with your tuition

Self-Mastery Membership

Until December 2025

Discover how to overcome personal barriers and tap into your true potential through empowering self-mastery techniques and transformative coaching sessions.

✔ Value € 2358 Included with your tuition

Early Birds Get Even More...

The Certification Program officially begins in January 2024, but you don't have to wait until then to STart your journey.

By joining us this November, you can take advantage of early support from The ST Academy!

Ensure you are well-prepared and ahead of the game when the program starts.

Early Bird Bonus #1: Get STarted NOW

Extra Scholars Coaching in November & December 2023

Many instructors have the idea that they are 'behind' already the moment they start a certification program. You're not alone!

To address this, jumpstart your ST journey by enrolling TODAY! This will allow you to begin immediate preparation with your horse for the Groundwork Grade 1 Touchstone.

Get personalized feedback on your training videos, gain confidence and build a strong foundation with your horse, ensuring you enter the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program ready to succeed!

Early Bird Bonus #2: STrengthen Your Mindset NOW

Extra Self-Mastery Coaching in November & December 2023

No journey is a highway to success and it's not a question of if obstacles will appear, but when. We've got you!

Join us TODAY and start developing the skills needed to turn struggles into strategies and obstacles into opportunities.

Get access to empowering Self-Mastery coaching sessions and classes so you can navigate any challenge with ease and step into the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program with self-confidence!

Join the Straightness Training Certification Program Today

Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your future as an ST Instructor.

Benefit from the amazing value you receive when you sign up:

Get the Program:

  • The Basic ST Instructor Certification Program: A comprehensive training and proven path to get you certified (€12000 Value)

Extra Incentives:

  • The STclopedia: Your complete guide to learning Straightness Training (€2597 Value)
  • The ST Evaluation Program: Have your work assessed (€1597 Value)
  • Two years' Scholars Membership: Get coached, get better, and get results (€7218 value)
  • Two years' Self-Mastery Membership: Turn your struggles into opportunities  (€2358 Value)
  • Private Scholars & ST Instructor community: Grow your professional network (priceless)

Two Early Bird Bonuses:

  • Get STarted NOW: Unlock immediate access with extra time in the Scholars membership for November & December 2023 (value 2x €297)
  • STrengthen Your Mindset NOW: Boost your confidence with more time in the Self-Mastery membership for November & December 2023 (value 2x€97)

Total Value Over € 25000

Your Price


24 Payments

  Save BIG and spread out your payments for maximum flexibility


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The Certification Program is right for you...

  • If you're in your 20s and thinking about a career as an instructor.
  • If you want to start a second career or side-hustle at 30.
  • If you're over 40 and are thinking about a career change.
  • If you still have lots to offer to riders and horses after 50.
  • If you think 60 is NOT too old to start a new career as an instructor.
  • If you're almost 65 and retirement is not in your vocabulary.
  • If you're 70 and want to plot your comeback career in the horse world.
  • If you believe life begins after 80 and that it's never too late to show what's possible in life.

Hear from our Certified Instructors

See why they decided the Certification Program was right for them


Why Make Big Decisions Alone?

Schedule your 20-minute call, and discover if becoming an ST Instructor is right for you.

  • If you take this decision seriously, then you can book a 20-minute STrategy Call on Zoom with me. 
  • I want you to know I respect your final decision, so when you hop on this call, all the pressure is off. 
  • I know that sometimes it's genuinely not the right time to jump into a program like the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program (BCP). And, hey, telling you to jump in when you're not ready creates 10x more work on me, so I won't tell you BCP is a fit if it isn't. 
  • But I also know that sometimes one piece of information is all you need to have the confidence to jump in, and I genuinely care about you and those big, beautiful dreams of yours, so I just want you to know that I'm the person with the details :-) 
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Common Questions

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You'll Have Support Every Step Of The Way

In The ST Academy, you'll never feel lost or left behind

As soon as you join The ST Academy, you'll have guidance and support from a team of like-minded instructors in a safe and encouraging environment.


We have a really, friendly, helpful, supportive group of ST Instructors in ST community. 


Within 24/7 you'll have a response on your question from me, crew ST or your peers


All core modules have special FAQ sections with dozens of answers to frequently asked questions.

Crew ST

If you have technical issues or a challenge you need help with, simply email us and we'll get you sorted.

You, too, can become a Straightness Training Instructor

I'm handling over the success path to help you start your dream career! I can 100% help you! I've got you!

Do What You Love


Do What You're Good At


Do What The World Needs

Do What You Get Paid For



Once all these key components come together, you will combine your passion with your mission, vocation and profession, and you're on the right path to pursuing the dream career that gives you the growth, freedom and impact you've always wanted.

Becoming An Amazing Straightness Training Instructor Is Possible For You!

Take the next STep to living the life you've always imagined:


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