Becoming an amazing Straightness Training Instructor is possible for you!


Do what you love.

Do what you're good at.

Do what the world needs.

Do what you can get paid for.


It's possible to build your dream career, and you're invited.


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Decide to start living your purpose

The world needs you at your best


Just imagine, having a reason to jump out of bed every morning.

Living a life filled with meaning, purpose, joy, and satisfaction.

Helping horses and their humans to overcome their struggles.

Contributing to their well-being and helping them create new futures.

Decide to start living your purpose

The world needs you at your best


Just imagine, having a reason to jump out of bed every morning.

Living a life filled with meaning, purpose, joy, and satisfaction.

Helping horses and their humans to overcome their struggles and challenges.

Contributing to their well-being and helping them create new futures.

Turn your hobby into a dream career

Our Certification Program will help you make your dreams come true


Start expressing the best version of yourself, not only as a horse trainer but also as an instructor.

In order to do that, you need a proven system and a powerful team to support you every step of the way.

In the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program, you'll be guided through an exceptional course and curriculum. 

The primary foundation of becoming the best instructor you can be is your own personal experience with Straightness Training combined with constant and never-ending improvement in the Scholars Program.

Turn your calling into a reality

Live in alignment with who you know you can be


If you’ve always felt a special calling to help others, and you’ve always dreamed about working with horses and doing something that makes a REAL difference in people’s and horse's lives... join us and turn your calling into a reality.

Let us help you become an amazing Basic ST Instructor and build a teaching practice that has the power to transform lives all over the world.

Join our Certification Program 

Transform into the amazing ST Instructor you're meant to be

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The secret behind our success - and yours

The six keys of Straightness Training


The foundation of the ST Academy is causal coaching. This means, that we focus on finding the cause of a problem, rather than simply treating the symptoms. This means, we never teach our students how to fight physical and psychologial imbalance with, for example, special bits and reins. Instead, we teach them how to reduce and counteract the natural asymmetry, which causes the imbalance in the first place.

Our logical system of progressive exercises can solve any problem that is caused by natural asymmetry - from balance to behavioral issues. As you progress through our program, you'll learn and apply the six keys of Straightness Training to your own horse in order to achieve the level of Grade 1 in groundwork, longeing, work in hand and ST at liberty. These keys will be life-changing for your 2- and 4-legged students too.

What Sets You Apart As Instructor

The unmounted training pillars of ST set you and your students up for success


Groundwork is were we STart to counteract the eight dimentsions of natural asymmetry.


With longeing, each horse can learn to how to 'turn' instead of falling on the inside or outside shoulder.

Work in hand

Many riding problems can be solved in work in hand, and it helps us prepare our horse for ridden work.

ST at liberty

Liberty is the pillar to see if our horse understands what we want and is motivated to do it.

Here's what you get

Get access to the tools you need to create the career of your dreams.


This includes:

  • Access to our full library in the STclopedia

    Get all modules in the Mastery program unlocked and learn how to solve any balance issue with a logical system of progressive exercises.
  • Live classes to master your teaching skills

    Get a high-quality education with live lectures with Marijke de Jong, where she explains and demonstrates her teaching concepts.
  • Live coaching sessions 

    Meet in a small group with a Mentor Instructor, get real practice coaching, and get all your questions answered. 
  • Peer-to-peer coaching

    Connect weekly with your peers for encouragement and accountability.
  • Anytime, anywhere online access

    Join the classes, connect,  and interact via desktop or smartphone.
  • An official Basic ST Instructor Certification

    Certification is earned after paying attention in class, joining the classes an the theory exam, practicing the tools with peers, and applying everything you learn to real clients in effective ways.
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Become a Basic ST Instructor


If you want freedom and purpose in your life and if you're ready to put in the work, then we invite you to join our incredible group of Basic ST Instructors that are ready to change the equestrian world for the better.

We'd love to have you in the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program.


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Why Make Big Decisions Alone?

Schedule your 25-minute call and discover if becoming an ST Instructor is right for you.

  • If you take this decision seriously, then you can book a 25-minute Discovery Call on Zoom with me. I want you to know I respect your final decision, so when you hop on this call, all the pressure is off. 
  • I know that sometimes it's genuinely not the right time to jump into a program like the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program (BCP). And, hey, telling you to jump in when you're not ready creates 10x more work on me, so I won't tell you BCP is a fit if it isn't. 
  • But I also know that sometimes one piece of information is all you need to have the confidence to jump in, and I genuinely care about you and those big, beautiful dreams of yours, so I just want you to know that I'm the person with the details :-) 
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