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ST Academy Coaching Calendar

Access your favorite ST classes online & in real time.


Stay motivated and keep momentum with a steady lineup of live Straightness Training classes that you can schedule in advance. From groundwork to riding to liberty, you can live stream ST classes straight to your living room and bring the 'real life ST clinics' experience home.

Below is a calendar of the classes we have scheduled for you. These live classes are a great chance to get coached on the topics and issues you want help with.

As a Scholar, you get access to all live classes each month.

ST enthusiasts can join our free broadcasts.

Our class schedule is updated monthly, so check back often for the latest updates to our live class offerings.

Coming Up In June

Check out the online classes and live sessions happening at the ST Academy at a glance. 


Time Zone West European Summer Time (WEST)

June 6-12 | 2022

Get Coached.

If you're a member of our Scholars program, you can submit a video of you training your horse to get help with your groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding or Straightness Training at liberty. 

You can join your favorite online Academy Coach in a live Hot Seat class to get feedback on your training session. At the end of your Hot Seat Session, you know exactly what the number #1 thing is that is holding you back to breakthrough to the next level, and that's your homework for the week.

Access to online coaching is an invaluable support on your ST journey, and as a Scholar, you can watch as many classes as you want.

Connect with Scholars from around the world to train together, explore the exercises and get ideas, advice and solutions for a variety of training situations.

The special VIP classes are for 6-month members only.

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June 20 -26 | 2022

Get Better.


After doing your homework, meet he same Academy Coach as last week, to check how you've put the number #1 thing into practice. Every week, you learn more details on how to do the right things and how to do things right. Find the missing pieces of the puzzle in your Breakthrough Session and get confidence by knowing exactly what to do next.

Also, this week, a new class will be released in the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program (BCP), ready for our BCP students to review before their small group meets next week.

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June 20 -26 | 2022

Get Results.


As a Scholar, you can meet the team of Academy Coaches live on Zoom and ask them anything in a Mastermind session. Dedicated ST Academy Coaches will answer your questions, challenge you to stretch further, and inspire you to stay in action and persevere.

If you're not a Scholar, you're Straightness Training journey starts on June 23rd! We can' wait to see you at the first session of the annual, free Masterclass! Learn how to turn your challenging horse into a balanced partner. If you haven't registered yet, then do that now:

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June 27-30 | 2022 

Get Results.


Meet the team of Academy Coaches live on Zoom and ask them anything in a Mastermind session. Dedicated ST Academy Coaches will answer your questions, challenge you to stretch further, and inspire you to stay in action and persevere. 

Find the missing pieces of the puzzle, and get confidence by knowing exactly where to start and what to do next.

The special VIP classes are for 6-month members only, and the exclusive VINCI classes are for 12-month members only.

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And here's the best part...

Join the classes and unlock tons of added benefits:

  • Learn how to do groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and ST with your horse.
  • Discover how to train your horse in an efficient and effective way.
  • Take ST classes in real-time and explore our library of recorded classes, fit for every experience level and every horse breed.
  • Connect with other Scholars from around the world and share the learning experience with.
  • All ST classes are taught by professional Academy Coaches and are the perfect tool for reaching your personal goals.

Academy Coaches

Meet the ST Academy Coach Team

In the ST Academy, you won't be on your own. Hop on live group classes where we'll inspire you and provide guidance in the Hot Seat and Breakthrough classes, and tackle your toughest questions in the Mastermind classes.

All ST classes are taught by professional Academy Coaches who provide the highest level of service to all our Scholars, allowing you all to unlock your potential and that of your horse - in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding, and Straightness Training at liberty.

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Everything Online

The ST Academy is based online so you can participate from home, no travel required! 

Recordings Available

We record all coaching classes, so you can listen and learn at your convenience.

Learn Anytime

You can join a class whenever you want, learn at your own pace, and work on your own schedule.

Scholars Library

The secrets of growing stronger on your personal path to mastery are inside. We invite you to come and share them with us! 

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