Get ready for the annual Straightness Training Masterclass with Marijke de Jong

How to become a confident horse trainer

who can do beautiful things with any horse.


Discover 4 simple (yet highly effective) Straightness Training strategies that bring out the best in you and your horse.

This masterclass happens only 1x a year. 

The class series begins May 21 at 7 pm WEST.

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Become The Confident Horse Trainer You're Meant To Be With Four Simple (Yet Highly Effective) Strategies.

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How we'll be organizing this year's Masterclass:

Check out this 7-minute overview 

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Get Ready For The Groundwork Masterclass

This is what you get:

  • This year, our free Straightness Training Masterclass is starting on May 21 and it's and it helps you end confusion, doubt and overwhelm when it comes to training your horse.
  • If you want to overcome challenges with your horse, or are ready to get started with Straightness Training, or think it's time to uplevel your training skills, then you DO NOT want to miss this.
  • We start with groundwork, and you'll discover four simple (yet highly effective) strategies to bring out the magnificent giant your horse can be... even if you're completely new to horse training or have a Shetland pony.
  • What you'll learn in the masterclass is normally reserved exclusively for our private members... and for a few days, it's all yours for FREE.
  • This online FREE masterclass only happens 1X a year, therefore, register now, so we can keep you posted when we go live:
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Nice to meet you!

"Hi, I'm Marijke.


I am a master horse trainer and expert in Straightness Training.

I help horse lovers who feel confused and stuck with their horse transform into confident horse trainers who train effectively, have a great connection with their horse and create beautiful and meaningful things together."

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