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7 Reasons To Join My LIVE Masterclass

I only do this ONCE per year, so if you want in, now is the time. In this LIVE training, I’ll show you exactly how to overcome struggles, setbacks, and challenges with your horse.

I'm giving away 8+ hours of in-depth training on how to optimize your knowledge and skills, and actualize your horse’s potential in body, mind, heart, and soul.

Get tools, strategies, and a proven roadmap to achieve more every week, and to create long lasting change - no matter what breed, age, size, or equestrian discipline.

You’ll get FREE PDF downloads, resources, and case STudies to help you get started and gain confidence, so you can start taking consistent action towards your goal.

You’ll have access to an exclusive ST Masterclass Facebook Group where you can connect with the supportive ST Community and talk to me, my team, and ST Instructors.

The Masterclass will give you a kick-start and the clarity and confidence you need, so you know exactly where to start and what to do next. 

Did I mention there’s absolutely no charge? There’s no credit card required to join, but I promise you that this free training will be incredibly valuable!

"You devised a well structured, easy to follow, step by step method that will benefit any horse regardless of the hander's current experience. Thank you for all your commitment!"

Ana Mac

"I followed your work through the years and you where a pioneer in online teaching. You changed the lifes of many many horses and humans out in the world!"

Miriam Barattoni

"If it wasn't for your online teaching, I would have never gained all the great knowledge about horse training. And all the extra's, new friends, your positive coaching and example that you set. "

Erica Schwing

"This STuff is pure gold 🌟🥇🌟♥️🐎💕"

Lauri-Anne Veitch
South Africa

"What a wonderful community ST has created. So many wonderful stories of positive change for both horse and partner."

Lisa Rudelic

"I remember your first videos. You have done great, persistent job! I honour you in many ways. You have opened so many doors to many people and lead by example."

Tiina Saastamoinen

"✨🐎 treat yourself and your horse at the same time 🐎✨. Sign in and save the dates for a 100% free Masterclass live with Marijke de Jong 💝, it's always fun and mind blowing while enjoying a massive growth, just do it, you and your horse deserve it ✅."

Nicole-Marie Iresch
South Africa

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