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Straightness Training Journey

Become the amazing horse trainer you're meant to be

Whether you want to take your existing skills to new heights, start your youngster, keep your senior going, or you're just starting out, our 4 transformative STeps can help!

A Clear 4-STep Path to Mastery

From understanding your horse's natural asymmetry to gaining certification,
we guide you STep-by-STep on your personal path to mastery.

STart with the Quiz

Discover the root cause of the struggles with your horse

Most horse owners struggle to pinpoint the source of their horse's imbalance and challenges. The quiz is designed to shed light on these issues:

  • Our unique quiz helps you identify whether you have a left- or right-bended horse. 
  • With this newfound knowledge, you can start addressing the issues right at the core, setting the foundation for success.
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Continue with the Free Training

Optimize your knowledge about effecctive horse training

Many horse owners aren't sure where to STart or what to focus on. Our Free Training offers you the Bigger Picture:

  • Discover the 8 dimensions of natural asymmetry, the 6 keys of Straightness Training and the logical system of progressive exercises. 
  • With these proven frameworks you train your horse effectively.
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Get Coached

Commit to your growth and receive weekly online coaching

Every horse and rider pair is unique, leading to specific challenges that can be difficult to navigate alone. Our Scholars membership is here to help:

  • It offers personalized coaching and a supportive community to guide you through the challenges and celebrate your successes!
  • It helps you achieve the results you are looking for in all five training pillars: in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding, and Straightness Training at liberty. 

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Get Certified

Turn your hobby into a dream career and become an ST Instructor

For those who want to take their passion for ST to the next level, the certification program is the place to be. 

  • The world needs people like you to create awareness about natural asymmetry and Straightness Training.
  • The Basic ST Instructor Certification Program provides an in-depth training, with 16 classes spread over 12 months, that equips you with all the skills necessary to teach others. 
  • As a certified ST instructor, you'll have the opportunity share your passion, knowledge, and skills with other horse enthusiasts, thereby enriching their lives and yours.
  • Do what you love. Do what you're good at. Do what the world needs. And do what you can get paid for. It's possible. And you're invited.

Join the Instructor Confidence Bootcamp, and receive a special invitation to our next opening in January 2024.

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They Did it. So Can You!

Hear what other STudents have to say about their Straightness Training journey:

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