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Probably one of the most important pieces of training horses is figuring out how to own our negative emotions, so they work for us and not against us or our horse. In this episode, you'll discover why your horse is okay with you feeling bad, mad or sad, if you express it in responsible ways. You don’t want to miss this episode full of tools and actionable steps that you can use to manage your emotions.

In this show, we'll cover


  • Six incredibly powerful ways to manage your negative emotions.
  • How feeling your negative emotions will allow you to experience your life at its fullest.
  • How you can deal with emotions of discomfort, disappointment, disgust, anger, frustration and anxiety.
  • How to make your negative emotions work for you, instead of avoiding them.
  • The difference between reacting to an emotion and responding to it. 
  • Why your horse is okay with you feeling angry if you express it in responsible ways.
  • The difference between a negative emotion and a negative action.

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