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Find Your True Purpose & Dream Career

where what you love meets what you are good at, meets what you can be valued for, meets what the world needs!


Marijke de Jong will show you how to find a rich and fulilling career and live a dream life - even when you're in your 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s!

Type in your name and email address to get immediate access to a special 5-part video series, and grab your 18-page workbook to identify your Ikigai - the sweet spot where your passion, vocation, profession and your mission come together:

Video 1
Why you should never retire
Video 2
Finding a fulfilling career
Video 3
The secret that makes it happen
Video 4
Living the life you want
Video 5
Make your dream come true

Becoming an amazing Basic ST Instructor is possible for you

At the end of the free training, Marijke will be talking about the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program.

Spring is quickly approaching, so it's a great time to plant some seeds so you can become a Basic ST Instructor in December.

We created a NEW session for Basic ST Instructor Certification for you.

It’s called Fast Track.

It’s the same high-caliber Instructor Training delivered at an accelerated pace.

For the first three months, you’ll double down on the materials to catch up with our current session in progress.

Fast Track will begin April 1st, so you can become a Certified Basic ST Instructor by December.

It's perfect for you if you’re ready to change your life and you can't wait a moment longer to get started.

Class size is limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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