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The Power of Meaning

✔︎ This eBook reveals why it’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean.

✔︎ It's a story about twin sisters, with the same background, recourses and talents. One leads a successful life, the other feels miserable.

✔︎ The story helps us become aware of the difference and effect of supportive and limiting beliefs.

✔︎ Get tips to improve the quality of your beliefs and meanings, and to redirect the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

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How beautiful to take a twin as example. Scientifically well chosen. Everything is the same for them, still one is happy, the other is unhappy. The difference is the inner being. So within, so around you. An inner change gives an outer change. As Buddha says:”One creates one’s own world with one’s thoughts”. One gets the same situation of failure repeatly, until one has discovered the lesson within. When applying this lesson, this situation changes in outcome, things get better. I experienced it myself, always blaming other people. By doing so I give my power to others and I become a victim, asking attention from the wrong people, which costs a lot, very expensive energetically and financially and in all other matters. And the situation gets tougher each time it happens again, until one gets desperate and gets the answer what one has to change in habit. Then the bad situation vades away. Miraculously. So as Helen Hadsell says: “There is no failure, only a delay of manifestation” and also : “Every obstacle is the first step to the next level”. Thank you, Marijke, for this rich lesson.

~ Marianne

❝ In my work as a Feldenkrais teacher, I say more than once to my students: there are two things that get in the way of your learning process: "I already know / can do that!" - and - "but I can / will never learn that!If you remain curious and open in your life, you will not get stuck. Then "change" remains an exciting process, pleasant for you and for your horse.

~ Irene 

❝ Well written! It clearly shows the pitfalls and how to get around them. I try to live as Yasmain and that works out fine. But every now and then, a "Yolain" period creeps in. Then it is good to read such an eBook and think: yes, live like Yasmain is more fun! ❞

~ Liesbeth


Read the ebook about the 2 sisters a few days ago - it got me back on track with my physical fitness program! Cool!

~ Callie

❝Thank you sooooooo much for sharing this story…. Your story is what I have been working on most of my troubled life…. And you have put it in such a simple way that has answered even more confusing questions that I have been struggling with to find peace with in myself...❞

~ Narelle

The Power of Thoughts

Often we believe that events control our lives and that our circumstances has shaped who we are today. But two people can do exactly the same thing, one succeeds the other gives up.

For example, two riders start to do Straightness Training:

  • They have the same aspirations.
  • They have the same sort of ordinary horse.
  • They join the same learning program.
  • With the same services ands support.
  • They’ve got the same opportunities.
  • The same challenges.

One becomes an instructor, the other quits.

What’s the key factor?

it's not the circumstances and conditions that shape our destiny, but our own thoughts, beliefs, meanings, and decisions.

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