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✔︎ This can’t miss Straightness Training guide grabs you by the hand and walks you through the dimensions of natural asymmetry.

✔︎ Get a full overview of physical, mental, and behavioral problems caused by the natural asymmetry.

✔︎ Discover how to overcome these problems with the six keys of Straightness Training.

✔︎ After reading, you’ll have a better understanding about what's going on in your horse's body.

✔︎ Learn how to rebalance your horse, so he becomes muscular, balanced,  fit and strong.

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❝ It was very enlightening and helpful. It really helped me to understand the importance of straightness in the horse and how to achieve it. I noticed instant changes in my horse and how she responded to my aids. Thank you! ❞

~ Debbie 

❝ Thank you for sharing your ideas, knowing and inspiriation. This book, similar like your others, is very helpful. It remembers me not to forget what is really important!❞

~ Heike

❝ Hey, your free ebook is good. I’m an educated therapist in horse massage and acupressure. There are many good drawings!❞

~ Marianne

Why Straightness Training?

The goal is to have our horse fit in body, mind, heart, and soul into late life.

By recognizing and rebalancing the natural asymmetry of our horse we can solve a lot of unnecessary stress and tension in both body and mind. 

Straightness Training is not about having the best moving horse, but to give our horse the best possible physique to carry a rider, so our horse can move the best s/he can and in the most healthy way.


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