They Did It. So Can You.

Hear from Scholars who made their dream with their horse come true!

VIP Scholars have been part of the Scholars Program for six months and here they share how they experienced the program.

Gina Peasnall from Scotland

VIP Scholar


The Support Cannot Be Beaten


Gina: ❝ I incredibly fortunately won a place on the July Scholar month and after seeing the benefits almost immediately both within myself with the self mastery and also with my training due to the Hot Seats etc. I couldn’t not keep it up and continue on. All the help/tuition every month in the HS etc to keep me on the right track. Seeing the improvements in both myself and my horse each month decided to stay with the program. I couldn’t afford not to. 

Working within the cycle of Hot Seat, Breakthrough and Mastermind sessions all gearing towards the Touchstones. The help all along the way in invaluable.

To people who wonder if the Scholars Program would work for them, what would you say:

  • Do it. The support not just from the entire team but also the Scholar community cannot be beaten. Every week little steps are being taken and you can see it with everyone participating and these little little steps keep adding up to great big changes not only in oneself but also in the horses. Your horse and your inner self will certainly thank you for taking part.
  • Give it a go. Once you experience the Scholar community and the monthly cycles and begin to see the improvements both within yourself with the self mastery and with your horse training with the HotSeats and Breakthroughs, you might just wonder how you coped before.

Erica Schwing from the Netherlands

VIP Scholar


Erica: ❝ I joined the Scholars program, in the first place, to get more structure in my horse training and personal life. The number one thing that I took out of the Scholars program is that I gained a lot more awareness of how I train the horse, and how it is perceived by him. To people who wonder if the Scholars Program would work for them, what would you say: You get to be a part of an amazing group of very motivated students, and you get a whole lot of knowledge and feedback about how you can train your horse in what I think is the most horse friendly training system that I have ever come across.

Julie Dinnis from the UK

VIP Scholar


Every VIP Scholar in these videos started off exactly where you are today — wanting to become a next-level horse trainer and to make a positive difference for their horse. It’s time to take a chance on yourself and see what results you can create in 2021!

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