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Reviews From Mastery Students With Warmbloods

"The Mastery Program definitely made me a better horse trainer but also a better person.

Chapter 1 in the ST Academy brought me a huge amount of tools to understand why we are doing what we are doing and how to be able to work on your leadership, your communication, your state of mind, etc. etc. It gave me a huge self-confidence boost.

With that boost, I was able to help my horse get so much stronger in his back and more supple in his body. He starts to carry me with pride, and I finally have felt how it is when my horse pushes his back up and uses his body in a healthy way.

I also was able to help a rescue race-horse to become proud and stronger, emotional and physical. And because of this boost of self-confidence, I made my little-girl-dream come true: I bought a foal for the first time of my life at the age of 56, to have him growing up here, with me!!"

Heleen van Tongeren-Bouman | Gan, France 

Vlex, Dutch Warmblood (KWPN), gelding, 16 yo


"The Mastery Program has transformed my personal views, expanded my self-awareness and established within me a desire to continuously expand my horizons. It has also elevated my relationship with my horses into a whole new realm of awesomeness I never thought possible; relationships that are now filled with abundant joy and affinity. I was introduced to ST in 2015, at the time, however, I had lost my way and was not ready to embrace “self-mastery” in my life nor the mastery of my horses for that matter. Sadly, I continued on my downward spiral until June 2017 when ST was again introduced to me "Hook, line, and sinker"… This time I was ready, and I have not regretted a single day since. I read the e-book, started playing around with the exercises, attended every workshop I could and enrolled as a full-time mastery student in November 2017. I have come to realise that mastery does not simply happen; one has to earn it and keep earning it, every day! If you are on a journey of discovery with your horse and are seeking a better, healthier and effective relationship with your horse, this program will achieve that result."

Jola Stansfield | Pretoria, South Africa

La'Zamara, Warmblood, mare, 8 yo

"Becoming an ST Mastery student has absolutely changed my WORLD…… Looking back over the last year of studies, I feel a warm fuzzy feeling of knowledge brewing inside of me. I am super excited every day to be on this journey, really… I am barely through Grade 1 in touchstones, but WOW I’ve come so far already.

The depth at which I am beginning to understand Horses, training Horses, humans and the interaction between the two is just incredible.

In the 17 years of being a horse owner, I have always felt comfortable in my day to day interaction and training…… But joining the Mastery Program has opened my world to so many new thoughts and facts.... The WHY of absolutely everything which forms the basis of our training. I could carry on chatting forever, but the absolute cherry on the top is when your horse begins to enjoy the training … and give you his input … and when you begin to recognise this…….. an amazing feeling!"

Jenni von Willich | Cullinan, South Africa

Crusader, Warmblood, gelding, 10 yo

"After joining ST in 2017, I am finally part of a very well organized learning system that teaches me the in-depth essence of the exercises and why they are being performed within suggested timeframes. I am learning to re-train my eye on the ground to ensure that the horse learns and understands what is being asked. This program offers me a natural progression of horse training in a gentle, fair and loving way. ST has also helped me become a better version of myself, and it is making me aware how my thoughts, feelings, and emotions affect my work with others and these magnificent animals. I wish ST training existed when my mare and I got started 11 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, heartache and tears. My biggest AHA moments thus far are that I am starting to learn about the why and how-to horse training and how to engage my horse’s curiosity and inherent will to work with me instead of against me. This approach has been very rewarding for me as well as for my horse."

Christine Markut | Naraganssett, USA

Mia Stella, Hanoverian/Canadian Warmblood X, mare, 18 yo

"I started as a hobby rider at a stable where horses were being ridden using NH basics. Later I noticed that at this place I would not be able to develop, that I want something more.

Then I bought Lady Dee. In the beginning, she looked easy to work with and ride. But then she quickly realized that I’m a beginner with horses and become hard for me to ride, so I was looking for interesting exercises for groundwork and found ST Mastery.

There aren't enough words to say how useful it was and how helpful it is! This systematic and well organized educational system helps us to reach goals one by one. But it's not only an educational system, but it is also a philosophy of horse well being and a great and supportive community of horse lovers.

Lady Dee now is more relaxed, self-confident, balanced, happier and we can even ride dressage tests with calmness and good self-carriage.

ST has helped numerous horses in our yard! Horses who never pick up one lead in canter now can make lead changes, all horses become calmer and turn from worms to beautiful butterflies. Horses become more supple and smart! And also strong and athletic. Thank You!"

Gita Andersone | Riga, Latvia

Lady Dee, Latvian Warmblood, mare, 13 yo

"I started the Mastery Program after seeing the fantastic changes that were happening with Punktur my first horse. What I didn't realise at the time was the incredible impact it would have on my second horse Teddy. Teddy came into my life as a severely lame, physically broken horse, despite previous extensive treatment. Thanks to my ST Instructor's encouragement, help and support, we started working with Teddy. The changes in him physically have been amazing, and I now have a sound, athletic and willing horse. All because we have been addressing his natural asymmetry, helping him to find balance and put less weight on his delicate front legs. I have had to delve deep into the Mastery Program to find some of the answers I needed, but the answers have always been there. Mastery is a fully encompassing program that has given me than I dreamed possible. It's given me skills, knowledge, and a calmer, willing and capable horse. Since starting ST, I've become excited about Teddy's future and what we can achieve."

Helen Wallis | Marlborough, United Kingdom

Teddy, German Warmblood, gelding, 15 yo

A Journey of Growth

Mastery student Bronwyn de Beer is based in Melbourne, Australia.

She started with her Selle Français mare Annie. Every year, Bronwyn experiences the next layer of improvement in herself. She treats her riding arena as a laboratory, where she loves to figure things out and widens, broadens and deepens her skills, knowledge and experiences:

Bronwyn: "If you enjoy problem-solving with your horse, ST is for you!".

From A Horse Blowing Up In Canter To A Brave Horse

Callie Klein's 17 year old Oldenburger mare Sasha couldn't travel well at the right canter. The horse used to be very spooky and unsure of her surroundings. But now she is more confident in her body, mind an emotions as a result of Straightness Training:

Callie: "To people who wonder if ST would work for them, or who wonder if they could do it, I would say: Just Do It! You will learn more than you ever thought possible. Your horse will thank you for it!"

"ST is not a quick-fix solution but a lifelong expedition to enrichment for horse and human alike."

Astrid van der Laan
Pretoria, South Africa


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