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Reviews From Mastery Students From South America

"The Mastery Program was a significant factor in helping me change me. I started the Mastery Program during a very difficult and vulnerable time in my life when my son was battling against a life-threatening disease. Although I dedicated most of my time to my son, I still had my horse and even though I didn't have time to ride him, the little time I spent with him each day (20-30 mins) was good for me because it gave me something positive to focus on other than the sadness, desperation, and anxiety that filled most of my day as I waited to know whether or not we would find a bone marrow donor for my son. Even though I spent so little time with my horse, I saw big changes in him. The step by step approach in ST helped me to be able to explain things to him that I had previously been unable to explain with the approaches I had been taught. He had been a racehorse and then an endurance horse and had quite a difficult life before I got him, and I had been trying to teach him classical equitation, but the things that worked well with the lovely Lusitanos I was used to, didn't work at all well with my Arab and until ST I didn't have another way to do things. The Mastery Program opened up new horizons for me."

Kathleen Beesley | Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Tanseem, Arab, gelding, 18 yo


Victor Gueiros Freire - Brazil

"Every day I am still surprised by the intelligence, coherence, and knowledge of this educational program and intellectual property of Marijke de Jong, called Straightness Training. It hast has filled all my ideas and ideals to train horses without hurting their nature and dignity. "

Victor Gueiros Freire
Guarapari, Brazil


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