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Reviews From Mastery Students With Senior Horses

"The Mastery Program came into my life at the perfect moment - when I was 5 months pregnant. I couldn't ride, but I could walk next to my horse. it kept us both fit. And if you can't walk anymore next to your horse, you can do liberty.So I would say if you are pregnant and don´t know what to do, or think about selling your horse or paying someone else to ride. DON´T. Do ST, and your horse will love you.

This program has changed me more than my horses. It is not about making my horse better - making him/her to piaffe or tempo change - it is becoming a better version of yourself. It is more than a way to teach a horse. I love it. I have adapted some thoughts into my everyday life with my child and mate, like: Let's not go there (redirect); Think first, act later; 5R combination (release, reward, relax, repeat and redirect); and so on.

When I look at my horses, they are more at ease, relaxed and motivated. Using the 5R combination my gelding (12 years old), who has been afraid of jumping and obstacles, he started jumping. First at liberty and then with a girl in the saddle. Without hesitation.

After 20 years together, my mare was lying down in the paddock, and I could, for the first time ever go to her and hug her. Took pictures. I cried of joy. She was mentally balanced. She didn´t stand up. She stayed as she was. This is my highlight of this year!"
Anu Marrak |Kambja Vald, Estonia

Karmen, mare, 22 yo

"I  can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of the program. The biggest difference for myself is the education of training and understanding horses. Something I have never experienced before, I have always felt other training from elsewhere has been lacking, I have always come away with more questions than answers, but the Mastery Program has given me those answers and more, and I am still learning. Because of the new skills I have learned and the greater deeper understanding of all things horses plus the changes to my own self I now have a wonderful relationship with my horse, I don't think my horse has changed her personality, but because I understand her she is now a relaxed, happy horse.”

Gilly Prime | Staffs, UK

Ellie May, mare, 21 yo

"To me, my horse Punktur has always been a great a horse, but something was missing. This program has filled the gap and allowed me to give something back to him, so he feels amazing from the inside out. Physically my horse has changed so much, the signs of his arthritis have all but disappeared, and I hope that I will be able to have a partnership with him for many more years to come. Age is just a number, and at 27 he has never looked better.

As well as seeing lots of changes in my horse I have also experienced so many changes in myself, this truly is a journey in self-mastery. Mastery has helped me to grow as a person and built my confidence up so that I can chase my dreams. I have achieved things that I didn’t think were possible for me and I look forward to the challenges tomorrow brings.”

Helen Wallis | Marlborough, United Kingdom

Punktur, Icelandic, gelding, 27 yo

Horse Given Up By The Vets Back To Work

Sarah Orr is a Mastery Student based in Scotland, and her horse Limerick had deep digital flexor tendon damage on both fores, as well as collateral ligament damage. Sarah had been told by the vets that he was unlikely to come back into full work. See how Sarah made a positive difference for not only this horse, but also for her other horse Fernando:

Sarah: "I’ve really found the program very, very helpful for me and my horses. And it has helped me in my relationships with friends, with colleagues, home life, everything. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a fabulous program!"

"When I look my 22 year-old horse in the eye, I know that starting with Straightness Training was the best decision. Ever."

Rosan Veer
Leersum, The Netherlands


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