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Reviews From Mastery Students With New Horses

"My young gelding had no balance and couldn't bend. In an arena if we trotted or cantered we would get faster and faster - motorbike - and fall in on the corners. It was awful. He would brace against attempts to slow or bend him under saddle. His anxiety saddened me, and so I resigned myself to only riding him out on quiet trail rides. By accident I found ST. Now, when I change from one seat bone to the other, I feel his whole body change bend! The in-hand exercises have brought us closer together and opened up a whole new way of interacting. Sometimes we just walk out together, but when we accomplish something new in our lab, it is so fulfilling for us both. Our partnership develops daily, and it is cool what he can do now!"

Linda Ketteridge | Perth, Australia

"I wanted to start my young horse in a good way, and I have heard so many bad stories about how a young horse can buck with its new rider, so I found Straightness Training on the internet. From there I have trained and prepared my horse and me to riding, and I have never had a bad ride on her. That was back in 2011, and now I know it was because of her suppleness and strength we have built up back then, so she can carry me as a rider. Today I have a lovely riding horse."

Solvej Lyngby Pedersen | Vejle, Denmark

"The Mastery Program is a Priceless Gift, to me and to my horse. The questions that I am asking myself now inspire me to really dig deep, to search and observe. It really amazes me how deep the Mastery Program is; I'm not sure there is a bottom to it. My horse Lucy, is a highly emotional and often explosive, after I got her as a three year old I sometimes wondered if I could ever obtain the ability to work with her, but learning through the modules and paying attention to the 2mm changes, within both of us, is proving to be a fantastic journey. The Mastery Program has opened doors to my mind, with so many little successes in Lucy's strength, her flexibility, how she has learned how to learn, I have to really up my game. My life is now lived without limits, but I am certainly not saying it is easy, but it is invigorating.

Lynley Bolt | Masterton, New Zealand

Lucia de Kai (Lucy), mare, 5 yo

"The Mastery Program has been a much-needed guide for me to begin the training of my 3-year-old mare. I have had many lessons over the years, but very little opportunity for instruction has been available as to how to actually start and train a horse. This program has given me the knowledge and confidence to know that I am starting my mare correctly."

Tracy Betteridge | Ada, Michigan, US

"The Mastery Program is so complete, it's so much, that I can't describe it in a few words. All the information from Marijke give me big AHA moments, especially the “WHYs “ of all exercises. My horses and I are both so much more in balance: we could not have achieved that without ST, no doubt about that!"
Imke Smit |Ootmarsum, Netherlands

Jack, gelding, 4 yo

Taking Her Yoga To Another Level

Germaine Horowitz-Vogel from South Africa is involved with yoga and has done a couple of yoga teachers' training in different yoga disciplines. By doing Straightness Training it has taken her yoga to another level, and ST feels as though she's doing yoga with her horse, achieving unification of mind, body and soul. In this video, you can see Germaine and her 11 yo Appaloosa mare called Red:

Germaine: "The ST Academy takes you on a positive enriching journey with no limitations - only amazing discovery about yourself and your horse and your relationship with your horse."

Making Her Dreams Come True

Heleen Bouwman is a Mastery Student from France and made a positive difference for her 17 years old Vlex who has sidebones in his left front foot. As a child, Heleen dreamed already of having a foal one day, but she never thought she could do that and was "good enough". But thanks to the development Heleen made in the ST Academy, she bought a foal - Héros - and it’s going wonderful!

Heleen: "One of the huge benefits of the ST Academy is that you don’t only learn to train your horse and do exercises, but you become your own instructor, my own horse trainer, and that has been huge advantage for me!"

"There aren't enough words to say how useful it was and how helpful it is! "

Gita Andersone
Riga, Latvia


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