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"The good thing about the Mastermind Session is that there is a real person behind the Mastery Program :) who is just like you and me - who shares her struggles, stories, how she became who she is today - from how she coped with a massive accident, difficult relationships, unfulfilling careers and hitting rock bottom. And how she paved the way to get where she is today through self discovery and determination for CANI. It just makes Marijke so relatable and HUMAN which, when you look at a Master sometimes they can be so out of reach and you think "how can I get there!?" This is not the case with Marijke. She will even tell you the books she read that changed her life and how she buys two copies of each, one to make notes in and one to keep clean. The Mastermind sessions are simply divine PLUS you get to connect live with students all around the World. Super Cool!!!!."

Lara Pieret | Cape Town, South Africa


"The Mastermind Sessions makes me aware that I am not alone on my ST journey, and I always feel that I get a little closer to both Marijke and to everybody that takes part in the session.

I always notice a few 'colleges' that I fell more related to during the session, because they ask the question that I´m thinking to ask or they have the same issues with there horse as I have, and then after the session I find them in our FB group and become friends with them there. So I slowly grow my ST-network and find ST-friends all over the world."

Hanne Friberg | Chalottelund, Denmark

"The Mastermind Sessions are my ST lifeline! As soon as my initial package was done, I started purchasing additional sessions. It is so nice to have Marijke tell me (OK, us ;) ) all about the latest news and developments. Sometimes, I feel very isolated on my ST "island", and it is great to catch up in a live setting."

Zuzanna Poprawski | Malibu, United States

"In the Mastermind Sessions, we learn things from many different aspects and other's experience. And it also makes things more interactive, removing the limitations in geographic regions."

Hans Tzeng 曾漢斯 | Hsinchu, Taiwan


"The Mastermind Sessions are super fun. The international coming together of many students makes it a fun event. So much fun and filled with news of upcoming things."

Kristin Kill | Dexter, United States

"The Mastermind Sessions is like a really large, worldwide sized room in which the loveliest bunch of like-minded people come together to share experiences, frustrations, highs, and lows. You can feel the nodding and smiling as we all think, "Yep, that was me..."

I swear Marijke can read our minds and knows exactly what the topic needs to be and guides us accordingly. No question is ever considered silly, and the amount of support and encouragement in the "room" cannot be beaten.”

Sharon Richards | Buckinghamshire, UK

"The Mastermind Sessions are where the worldwide ST community comes together. When I was the only one at my stable yard doing ST, there were moments where I felt isolated but the Mastermind Sessions dissolved this feeling completely.

The Mastery Program is a vast encyclopedia of information, and the Mastermind Sessions are where the ST community refines and builds on this.

I have been incredibly fortunate to meet Marijke during her tour of the Atlantic, nonetheless, in the Mastermind sessions, Marijke and her instructors offer the same standard of coaching and all students present have opportunities to ask questions."

Astrid van der Laan | Pretoria, South Africa

Navi, gelding, 7 yo

"The Mastermind Sessions are like easy conversations with friends about our favorite topics: horses and training.

One thing they constantly remind me is ST is not just for the horses; it is also a way of life and living for us as well.

Balance for our horses starts with balance for us, be it mental, physical or emotional."

Lara Burau | Cherry Valley, USA

Squire, gelding, 5 yo

"The Mastermind sessions are very educational, uplifting and address what Mastery students have recently been most concerned about with additional time for live Q&A. For me, the Mastermind sessions have confirmed that my struggles are also other people’s struggles and this is helpful especially when training alone."

Christine Markut | Naraganssett, USA

"Mastermind Sessions are very informative and interactive. Marijke is very personable and great at explaining things. She does her best to answer everyone’s questions during the session. There are no stupid questions and everyone is very understanding and helpful."

Sabine Reynoso | Growtown, GA, USA

"Marijke's energetic personal involvement via Mastermind sessions and the FB group is a wonderful enhancement to the quality of her wonderful program. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious and I so appreciate the opportunity to connect with her in real time for practical questions and discussion."

Shannon Olson | Washington, USA

"The Mastermind Sessions are a fantastic opportunity to see and hear Marijke in person, and it feels good to be able to ask questions in real time. There's a mix of ST news and an ST topic which always delves deeply into an area of ST. Sometimes a comment or topic comes up that will help to find the missing piece of a puzzle. Also, it is a chance to soak up Marijke's enthusiasm and knowledge and to hear what insights other students are having in their journeys."

Gita Andersone | Riga, Latvia

Lady Dee, mare, 13 yo

"I still count the days down for every Mastermind Session. First of all, Marijke is live in these sessions, and you feel her energy and motivational words through your PC screen! It is Amazing! Secondly, STudents from all over the world join the session to share thoughts and to listen to what we can learn from our coach today. We all are STudents preparing to become warriors and preparing our horses to become war horses, and in the Mastermind Sessions are where our leader can strengthen us for war as we are all connected as one. I always learn a lot from every mastermind session. The message is powerful, and I so can't wait for the next one!"

Nastalia Gaude | Groblersdal, South Africa

Silver Express (Lex), gelding, 6 yo


"Seeing Marijke live, to feel her energy, authenticity, and transparency was a bliss at all time. It served me to look at a role model in which I could let my fears of "not being enough" "not loved enough" just go. All of those gremlins went Pchitttt!"

Nicole-Marie Iresch | Cape Town, South Africa

"The Mastermind Sessions are such a nice way to connect with like-minded people around the world. It is inspiring to see others struggling and succeeding."

Elizabeth Micheel | Houston, USA

"The Mastermind Sessions were amazing and detailed and made me feel like part of the community. Marijke's positive but no-nonsense way of explaining things made me feel great about the journey and learning so many interesting things about horse training but also how this relates to life was very inspiring."

Carly Reid | Castella, Australia

"The Mastermind Sessions - I juST love these, the opportunity to have Marijke join me in my home, sit back with a notepad, pens, and glass or two of wine and soak in her enthusiasm, wisdom, humour, and knowledge. That you can pose queSTions and she will respond or point you in a direction to seek first ask later. Also to know that it is not an 'exclusive club,' that if anything arises that Marijke feels warrants it, it will be disseminated to all Mastery Students - irrespective of whether they have subscribed to a Mastermind Session or not."
Denise Jones | Abergavenny, UK

"The Mastermind Sessions are like being in a classroom with Marijke, directly in front of you, sharing her wealth of knowledge and wisdom. There to answer and explain any question that you might have. I feel like my fellow ST classmates are right there with me, via the internet, asking valuable questions that we all can learn from. This is where you really get the feeling of being part of the ST worldwide family. I really appreciate that Marijke continually adds new, valuable material discussed during the monthly sessions to the Mastery program. There for us to refer back to whenever we need clarification on a topic or point."

Kim Alford | Durban, KZN, South Africa

Show Girl, mare, 9 yo

"The Mastermind Sessions are wonderful. I felt a great connection to the other students. The sessions have the feel of attending a college lecture which has helped me to feel more rooted in the program and more involved with and connected to Marijke directly."

Tracy Betteridge | Ada, Michigan, US

"The Mastermind Sessions are a great way to learn about theories and techniques in greater detail. They also give you a chance to get answers to your questions, from Marjike, in real time and you get to learn from the questions other people ask that you may not have even thought of! I found the sessions to be a good at keeping me accountable as I had to schedule the time and then be there (no excuses)! The sessions are well planned and productive but also casual and fun!"

Quiana Casamayor | Calgary, Canada

"I do like the Mastermind Sessions. It is so nice watching and listening Marijke live along with the ST Community of people across the globe. Participation in these sessions is very valuable, highly rewarding, and making me feel that I am a part of something important and worldwide known although there are no ST people around me."

Ela Pryka | Krakow Poland

"The Mastermind Sessions rocked!!!! I absolutely adored these sessions as it made everything REAL for me. It was so cool having Marijke live along with the community of ST instructors and fellow students across the globe. Staying up late for these sessions was highly rewarding and informative, and the ST vibes among all the participants were so warm and welcoming, making me feel that I was part of something bigger than just my little self.‍‍"

Jola Stansfield | Pretoria, South Africa

La'Zamara, mare, 8 yo

The Mastermind Sessions are not only interesting in their own right but offer an invaluable opportunity to have my questions answered if I'm stuck on something. Not only is it extremely useful to have my own questions answered, but it is also helpful to listen to the answers to the questions of others. Plus, it gives a great feeling of community, knowing that all the Mastery students are gathered around their own computers joining in life as well. In fact, I enjoyed them so much that I signed up to the reSTart program so that I could enjoy another year's worth!”

Fiona Tyson | Ysbyty Ystwyth, United Kingdom


The Mastermind Sessions are an excellent way of learning more. Quite often listening to a subject encourages you to go away and research it more and gain a deeper understanding. It also gives a great way of meeting, getting together with fellow Mastery students, something which I always enjoy so good to meet up with like-minded people. I love the discussions and different subjects that students bring up, there is always so much more to learn.”

Gilly Prime | Staffs, UK

"Through the Mastermind Sessions I got to meet Marijke and ask her questions directly. But the best thing isn't only "meeting" Marijke, but also hearing all my fellow students questions and get to know about their challenges."
‍‍ ‍‍‍‍ ‍‍
Marleen Saarloos |Vittsjö, Sweden 


 "The Mastermind Sessions helped me feeling not alone in this adventure because in my area I am the only person that practices ST. Plus, it is a recharge of mental energy because Marijke is always ready to answer your question if you are facing some problems!"
Chiara Mineo |‍‍ ‍‍Reggio Emilia, Italy 

"In the Mastermind session, I felt like a big family and enjoyed live contact with Marijke and the entire Mastery Community around the world. I was always looking forward to these sessions. You can ask specific questions, and I dived deeper into it the philosophy of the ST."

Nadja Schmid | Bubikon, Switzerland


“The Mastermind Sessions are also a very valuable part of this program. It gives you an opportunity to meet online with Marijke, the ST Instructors and other Mastery students. You can also ask the questions during the sessions that will arise during the training and learning process and get answers to them. Taking part in the Mastermind Sessions have always given a huge positive energy and a motivational boost for me!”
Kadri Mäkišev | Põltsamaa, Estonia

"The Mastermind Sessions are inspirational. To be with like-minded people, hear Marijke tell about her ups and downs in life, in some ways, it´s like therapy:

A monk that climbed 7 mountains. One step at the time. Atlas world on his shoulders or WLB, Think first, act later.

I have taken many Marijke's thoughts into my life. And I do use them, for example:

I had a crisis. My mother in law was playing with my child in a car. She went out to get my girl from the other side. She (my daughter) locked her self in the car. I stood beside the car and thought the accident Marijke talked about in the Mastermind Session. I thought Atlas and the world. I thought that being a WLB wouldn't help my 1.2-year-old child. So although I wanted to cry. I talked to my child and guided her to open the car door. I played the hot and cold game. 5R combination. It took 20 minutes, and she was in my arms again. Then I cried. A lot. Without the Mastery and the Mastermind Sessions, I don´t think I could have talked her out of the car."
Anu Marrak | Kambja Vald, Estonia

"The Mastermind Sessions gives us the vibes from an energetic dialogue, because we listen to a well-prepared talk from Marijke, as well as we can write our question in the chat and get the answer right away!”

Susanne Hansen | Læsø, Denmark

 I love watching or listening to any Master of any Art and Marijke really is a Master of her art. I have found the Mastermind Sessions fascinating irrespective of the subjects - which are wide-ranging and provide a great resource of information."
Nicola Belfield | Flint Mountain, UK

"The Mastermind Sessions are full of vibrating energy. You can get in touch with like-minded horse persons from all over the world. You can see how similar situations arise in horse training and how they can be solved. You can feel how the program connects, inspires and pleases.”
Ivana Kovaříková | Prague, Czech Republic

This Mastermind Sessions Have Helped Riders Just Like You

"The Mastermind Sessions are really helpful even if you don’t ask your one questions- lots of questions will be answered if you only watch the sessions. And it’s good to know that if you will be in a situation where you don’t find your answer in the program that you can ask Marijke personally in the Mastermind Session!"

Julia Vögl | Vienna, Austria

"The Mastermind Sessions is a great place to interact with Marijke, ST Instructors and fellow students. There is always something to gain from these sessions. I particularly found the examples of the evaluation process with ST Instructors the most inspiring and helpful to me. This really highlighted the importance and structure of the evaluation process and how re submits guide and push you to make changes to reach a required standard. This also inspired me to submit my first touchstone. The questions and answers are empowering too. Marijke's knowledge and energy just grabs you to soak in the information. 10 out 10 for ST!!!!” 

Liz Groves | Faulkland, United Kingdom

"Connecting with students all over the world was great! In Mastermind Sessions, I felt being part of the worldwide community of horse-lovers, who want to make a change in their and their horse lives. Marijke answered my questions, and this was a great help for my training. It`s very interesting, to hear Marijke's answers to other peoples challenges, too. I love the positive atmosphere in the sessions! The Mastermind Sessions motivated me to dive into ST even further and gave me a lot of positive energy.”

Simone Reindl | Gondelsheim, Germany

"The Mastermind Sessions are Alive, even though I live many hours flying time away from the rest of the ST community, the Mastermind Sessions fill my note books and give a connection, a feeling of being a part of a large family where everyone is a caring part of my life. I really enjoy the vibrant energy that Marijke puts through my computer, this stays with me for the rest of the day as here they are early in the morning, so I am up early and bright-eyed and busy all day."

Lynley Bolt | Masterson, New Zealand

"I love the Mastermind Sessions, first it is great to be sitting talking to Marijke and other students around the globe, feeling connected and supported. Second the content is always brilliant and very interesting, especially recently with the reviews of Instructors evaluations. And you get the chance to ask the guru questions about something you may be struggling with."

Sarah Orr | Fife, United Kingdom

"The Mastermind Sessions are amazing. My advice is, if you can, don't miss them!. The sheer depth of subjects covered is unreal, and you don't want to miss a minute. Interacting with Marijke is such an invaluable, and you should take full advantage of these sessions".

Helen Wallis | Marlborough, United Kingdom

"The Mastermind Sessions were lots of fun with a nice sense of camaraderie among the students, and it was great to be in touch with Marijke more personally. I never asked many questions as I find that kind of public exposure difficult (something to work on!) but I learned a lot from Marijke's answers to other students' questions. And the discussions were always interesting, very often providing insights that helped me directly in my practice. This kind of community support is also prevalent on the ST Facebook groups, which are characterized by encouraging, non-judgemental and positive comments. A very welcoming group of people, the ST-ers :-) "

Gisela Marnewecke | Cape Town, South Africa

"The Mastermind sessions are comforting because you find others have similar questions and you feel really part of the group."

Kathleen Beesley
Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

"I have enjoyed being part of the Mastermind session and find that this further instills Marijke's commitment to all her ST students."

Anthea Myburgh
Winelands, South Africa

"Give one a great sense of being part of something … An extra kick of motivation for me; and the thought of so so many students connecting together worldwide… Great feeling!"

Jenni von Willich
Cullinan,South Africa

"Invaluable insights are shared in the Mastermind sessions and serendipity always prevails as invariably the question I am pondering, is always answered in a clear and precise manner. Marijke is always positive and a challenging mentor, always exacting your very best mastery."

Nadja Steil
Fouriesburg, Eastern Free State, South Africa

"Sometimes a comment or topic will come up that will clear up a query or final piece of a puzzle that has eluded you."

Linda Ketteridge
Perth, Australia

"Super helpful, it feels good to be able to ask questions in real time. Makes the program also more personal. Marijke has a great way explaining things, makes it fun to listen too, never a dull moment."

Katja Ziegenfuss
Smith, United States


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