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Reviews From Mastery Students With Gaited Horses

"For my new Icelandic horses I was looking for a holistic horse training - and I found the Mastery Program! What an enrichment!

I - who has only been able to drive on the field for 30 years - have now been given insights and careful instructions for groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and liberty training.

My initial fear that I understand too little because everything in English quickly fades - I'm learning by doing it.
To dive deeper into ST, I occasionally organize an ST class and other horse friends, and I practice the ST details with ST Instructor Carolin Moldenhauer.

I embrace ST, which not only brings much to my horse but also with which I personally develop and pay attention to my mental and physical fitness."

Nadja Schmid | Bubikon, Switzerland

Glóð frá Syðri-Hofdölum, Icelandic, mare, 10 yo

"To me, my horse Punktur has always been a great a horse, but something was missing. This program has filled the gap and allowed me to give something back to him, so he feels amazing from the inside out. Physically my horse has changed so much, the signs of his arthritis have all but disappeared, and I hope that I will be able to have a partnership with him for many more years to come. Age is just a number, and at 27 he has never looked better.

As well as seeing lots of changes in my horse I have also experienced so many changes in myself, this truly is a journey in self-mastery. Mastery has helped me to grow as a person and built my confidence up so that I can chase my dreams. I have achieved things that I didn’t think were possible for me and I look forward to the challenges tomorrow brings.”

Helen Wallis | Marlborough, United Kingdom

Punktur, Icelandic, gelding, 27 yo

Finally, I have found a STep-by-STep way to learn the classical exercises, and teach them to my horse. I have struggled to find a local instructor who can teach me what I want to learn, and the Mastery Program has filled this gap for me. Everything is there in depth and is easy to understand with video demonstrations and pdf summaries.

I also love the psychology in the initial modules, which have made me a better person in all aspects of my life, not just made a difference to my horse training ability. It's a reasonable outlay, but is worth the money many times over!”

Fiona Tyson | Ysbyty Ystwyth, United Kingdom

Gola, Icelandic, mare, 8 yo

"The exhaustive compilation of all of the steps and modules have helped me set goals and stay the course like no other program I've tried.

It always seemed like other trainers were holding back some secrets.

Not so with Marijke, from the minute details, she spells it out Completely.

I am so happy I encountered this program as I can already see the positive changes within myself which will undoubtedly transfer to my mare."

Mari Miles | Vero Beach, USA

Paloma, Tennessee Walking Horse, mare, 9 yo

Cleaning Up The Gaits

Anna Whittome from the UK has two Icelandic horses, and uses Straightness Training to help her 12 yo Icelandic mare clean up the different gaits:

Anna: "Anyone can do this, you don't have to be an experienced dressage rider or horse trainer. You just have to be prepared to commit to it, it's not easy but then nothing with high rewards is. And it's not just about horses, it has given me a wealth of knowledge about how we react and interact with everything and everyone in life in general."

"ST has has made a huge difference for my gaited horses, not only physically seen, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually."



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