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Reviews From Riders New To ST

"For my new Icelandic horses I was looking for a holistic horse training - and I found the Mastery Program! What an enrichment!

I, who has only been able to drive on the field for 30 years, has now been given insights and careful instructions for groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and liberty training.

My initial fear that I understand too little because everything in English quickly fades - I'm learning by doing it.
To dive deeper into ST, I occasionally organize an ST class and other horse friends, and I practice the ST details with ST Instructor Carolin Moldenhauer.

I embrace ST, which not only brings much to my horse but also with which I personally develop and pay attention to my mental and physical fitness."

Nadja Schmid | Bubikon, Switzerland

Glóð frá Syðri-Hofdölum, 10 yo

"The Mastery Program has given me the opportunity to train my horse from the very beginning: I had no experience in horse training, but following strictly this program we reached some really nice results yet. It is not always easy, but for sure it is worth it!

Before I had a wild mare, now I have a horse that is open-minded, has much more physical and mental balance and has a good connection with me.

I couldn't recommend something better!"
Chiara Mineo |‍‍ ‍‍Reggio Emilia, Italy 

"I started as a hobby rider at a stable where horses were being ridden using NH basics. Later I noticed that at this place I would not be able to develop, that I want something more.

Then I bought Lady Dee. In the beginning, she looked easy to work with and ride. But then she quickly realized that I’m a beginner with horses and become hard for me to ride, so I was looking for interesting exercises for groundwork and found ST Mastery.

There aren't enough words to say how useful it was and how helpful it is! This systematic and well organized educational system helps us to reach goals one by one. But it's not only an educational system, but it is also a philosophy of horse well being and a great and supportive community of horse lovers.

Lady Dee now is more relaxed, self-confident, balanced, happier and we can even ride dressage tests with calmness and good self-carriage."

Gita Andersone | Riga, Latvia

Lady Dee, mare, 13 yo

"I could write a book about this course and how it helped my mare and I."

Denice Garrou
Salida, United States


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