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"To help my horse Cortez, I found ST. ST re-ignited my passion for horses before I nearly gave up in the conventional riding culture. For the very first time, I feel it is really possible to develop a deep connection with my own horses and help him on my own. It is the very first time, I feel I can understand the true reasons and logics behind all the movements/exercises. Of course, there are bottlenecks, plateaus, and set backs, but with ST, we can know where we are, we have clear directions. And ST is really a system designed to empower each horse owner, instead of making the owner relying on specific trainers/systems. Another thing I love ST is ST not only focus on the methods/techniques, but also the mental/spiritual parts. And there are so many devoted, inspiring people in ST community, making it almost an international movement, I would say it's a silent ' revolution' in horse riding culture. Without any questions, ST greatly greatly helps my horse and myself."

Hans Tzeng 曾漢斯 | Hsinchu, Taiwan

"When I first signed up for the ST Mastery Program I was not in a good place emotionally. Yet knew this what I had been looking for. I was overwhelmed with life, but I held on to my dream. As time went on, healed enough to embrace the opportunity, but I feared I was too late. It was with relief and excitement I was allowed to continue. On reflection that delay was perfect. My emotional balance has settled into place. I see, hear and feel more clearly. The program does not overwhelm me but excites me. I do not feel any pressure just an enormous sense of achievement. As I play with the knowledge with as many horses that I can, I refine my skills and enjoy the simple but sure results. I thought natural horsemanship was the missing link, and in some ways it was. Now I feel I can accumulate all my knowledge and experience into yet another dimension and yet they all interlink and entwine and I feel satisfied. Thank you!"

Tracey Perkins | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Anca Bold from Qatar


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"I consider myself very lucky to find this brilliant system - which is Straightness Training made by Marijke - and it really covers all my needs to learn, to understand, to communicate, and to help the horse. And this makes me very happy!"

Anca Bold


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