Becoming an amazing Basic

Straightness Training Instructor is possible for you!


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Finding a fulfilling career


Four Things You Need To Know

We've created a free training for you to show you a life-changing opportunity and share the Japanese secret to finding a rich and fulilling career and living the dream. Download the free workbook to help you design your dream career.

Get your questions answered

Have you got questions about our Basic ST Instructor Certification Program that starts in January 2022? Then watch the replay as it covers many questions and provides a lot of answers. 

In this webinar, you'll find out:

If it's time to get out of your comfort zone...

... and make the leap to change by learning how to help other people and horses reach their goals. 

If the time is right to harness your passion and enthusiasm for ST...

... and utilize your skills experience as the foundation of a limitless teaching career.

How to think big and build your confidence...

... and prevent the voices around you (and inside you) from discouraging your dreams.

If the career path in the ST Academy is a good fit...

... and how you can map out your own and create a rich and fulfilling dream job.