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Extra time

With VIP access, you can watch and rewatch any workshop looooong after each workshop ends. Whenever you desire a refresher or seek additional insights you can revisit the workshop series.

Workshop FB Group

24/7 Support

Experience ongoing learning in between the workshops in our private Facebook group. Dive deeper into the workshop teachings and engage with like-minded equestrians who are on the same journey. 

Personal Guidance

Tailored advice

Get personalized attention from me on the workbook exercises, ensuring you receive the utmost support in overcoming any obstacles and struggles you may encounter in your equestrian life.


Live Q&A

with Marijke

Meet the supportive community in inspiring live group sessions on Zoom. In these Zoom sessions, you can directly connect with me, ask burning questions, and receive real-time support. 

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  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Personalized Guidance and Support

  • Interactive Q&A sessions on Zoom

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