FAQ about the ST Mastery Program

Riders from all over the world are jumping on board of the ST Mastery 2017 Class at the moment! And we are receiving a lot of questions about the ST Mastery Program. We thought other riders might have these questions as well, so we decided to put the answers on this page:

FAQ#1: What if I am a BEGINNER?

Or a novice rider? Is the program suitable for me?

Yes, whether you're a novice rider, starting from scratch...

Or an ambitious leisure rider, but not a dressage person...

Or a professional horse trainer, or riding instructor...

This course will help you to fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results with ordinary horses, and save you years of trial and error and unnecessary suffering!

ST mastery is a coaching program for horse lovers of all levels!

With any breed of horse and from every kind of discipline!

And i’s very well suited for beginners, because it will start with the absolute fundamentals of training horses.

I have broken it down into logical step by step instructions showing not only the finished product but more importantly how to get there.

This way you know

  • 'where' to start
  • 'what' to do next
  • 'why' you do it
  • 'how' to get there
  • and what to do in case you face a challenge!

And one more important detail is, that we take several learning styles into account, since riders learn in different ways:

  • some learn by watching,
  • others by reading,
  • others by doing.

In reality it is a blend of these in how riders learn!

But everyone is unique and one person may have more of a learning style dominated by watching and another by reading, and a third person by doing, and the fourth is using all learning styles at the same time.

So in the Mastery Program we try to support all peoples learning styles.

As you have seen in Mini Mastery, we will provide a video for each training subject, plus one or two written documents to compliment each video.

I have found that in this way, when you are able to watch and read around a subject the learning experience is much clearer and more deeply understood.

That’s why I provide both videos and written documents in combination with step-by-step coaching and live online classes (mastermind sessions) in the Mastery Program.

And all lessons have been carefully compiled in a clear, professional, informative manner and they are very easy to follow, as you have seen in my free 4 part ST Mini Mastery series!

And the 'learning by doing' part is covered with our ST Evaluation Program, where you submit videos of you and your horse you'll get valuable tips and advice from my team of ST Evaluators.

So if you are new to Straightness Training or you feel that maybe you are too much of a beginner, then I can reassure you that this program is more for you than you can imagine!

Just take your time going through the ST Mastery Program and we will be there to support you step by step!

FAQ #2: What if I am already ADVANCED?

What if I am a professional horse trainer? A riding instructor? Do I have to start from the beginning? what if I am not on Facebook?

If you are an advance rider, professional horse trainer, or riding instructor, this program will help you to fast-track your growth and  achieve extraordinary results!

I will personally advise what you need to adjust, to experience the breakthroughs you need, to get to a higher level and to achieve the goals and the results you seek.

And I will help you with every challenge you encounter along the way.

Because the devil is in the detail!

Especially, if you are experiencing a 'plateau' for some time, you need to adjust...

With 2mm...

To experience the breakthroughs you need...

To get to an even higher level!

By changing your approach with 2mm at a time...

You'll achieve the goals and the results you seek!

And Straightness Training will help you with that and with every challenge you encounter along the way.

But we will start at the beginning...

Because I believe that repetition is the mother of all skill!!

So it is good practice to start at the beginning; no matter how advanced.

And even though you are starting at the beginning, you are not repeating what you already know!

You are widening, deepening and broadening your knowledge, understanding and experience in ST with the important 2mm!

And this is very important if you want to become an ST instructor.

So there will be riders who have lots of problems with their horse all the way up to riders and instructors with highly trained horses in the Mastery Program.

And we spent a lot of time working on this coaching program so that it works for all of you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider:

The mission of this program is to develop

  • Outstanding Straightness Trainers
  • Inspiring ST Instructors
  • and real artists in training horses.

And we'd love to have you join us!

FAQ #3: What about the "Class"?

What about starting the course with a group of riders? What if I'm a little HESITANT when it comes to GROUPS on the Internet?

No worries: our ST community is super cool! 

We have a really -  really - friendly - helpful - group of people who are very like minded.

And in fact, they are the inspiration for what I share with you in the ST Mastery Program!

So in the Mastery 2017 Class, we will be working together as a group of like minded horse lovers.

Everybody who is familiar with the ST community, will acknowledge that the atmosphere is always very positive, and constructive.

The ST community is one of the internet’s most increcible, supportive, dynamic, and passionate community out there.

The added benefits for you working with this group is, that you will be able to share your stories and challenges and successes as we go along and you will experience the benefit of a mastermind group effect.

The other students will become your supporters and friends during the coaching program and beyond.

So it will really be a magical adventure and we’ll make it a great 'movement'!

Therefore, being part of the ST Community on Facebook gives an extra dimension to your ST Mastery experience.

Because in between your video lesson and mastermind session, you will feel the aliveness of this program on a daily basis.

That's invaluable, because I know, horse training can be a lonely business especially if you are the only one doing ST out there!

The loving support of the whole ST community including the ST Instructors, Evaluators and me is very beneficial to you, because you’re getting positive help constantly and we work with you and help you genuinely.

The daily life line will keep you going, you'll not lose momentum! 

FAQ #4: Does the BREED matter?

What if I have a Norwegian horse / Mangalarga Marchador / cold blood trotter / quarter horse / thoroughbred / gaited horse / a Shetland pony / a draft horse / ... Is it possible to start the program WITH THIS HORSE? Do I need to do dressage with this horse? Does he need gymnastic exercises?

The short answer is:

Yes, ST is beneficial to all kinds of horses - no matter what breed!

And ST Mastery is a coaching program for riders with all kinds of horses.

Because every horse is asymmetrical by nature - in body and limbs.

Every horse is asymmetrical from nature in body and limbs.

So we need to balance every horse physically and develop him symmetrically in body and limbs.

Only then he can carry us properly and in a healthy way - no matter what breed.

So ST is for the horse, the horse is not for ST!

And ST focuses not only on the physical training of the horse, but also on the mental and emotional well-being of the horse and his natural spirit, no matter what breed.

So it's beneficial for all horses - again, no matter what breed.

Besides this:

Straightness Training is a MUST if you want to RIDE your horse!

You have to help him to develop the best possible physique to carry you - no matter what breed.

Your horse will be very grateful to have you as his Straightness Trainer!


What if I do jumping/ eventing/ hacking out/ classical equitation/ western/ natural horsemanship/.... . Do I need to straighten my horse? Is Straighntess Training something I do alongside this? Do I need to give up riding? Do I need to give up what I love?

Well, I have been working in the equestrian world for many, many years...

And I have seen the same thing over and over again:

People who love horses all want the same:

They are always looking for a strong bond and deep connection with their horse.

And they are looking for a light, soft, willing, calm and balanced horse that is a pleasure to ride.

It applies to riders with all kinds of breeds and riders from all kinds of equestrian disciplines.

But why do they need Straightness Training (ST)?

Here's are some examples:

  • If you are a jumper and experience difficulties in turning to the left after a jump, you need to straighten your horse.
  • If you are doing natural horsemanship, but your horse keeps his head high and stiffens his back when riding, you need to straighten your horse.

And Straightness Training will help you with that!

So ST is really a wonderful ‘add-on’ method.

ST really helps to rebalance horses of all breeds and disciplines!

Without exception!

Even carriage horses benefit from it.

With ST you can create the best possible physique for your horse, so he can do the job the best he can, so you can perform at your best in your own discipline!

FAQ #6: What If I want to become an INSTRUCTOR?

What if I love ST and want to spread the word to help other riders and horses and would very much like to become an ST INSTRUCTOR? What do I have to do? Is becoming a Mastery Student automatically a path to becoming an instructor?

I know some of you think, you should only jump into Mastery if your interested in becoming an instructor.

The full Mastery program is a stepping stone to the instructor program.

But it’s not a step that you have to take.

The full Mastery Program exists on its own even if you never become an instructor.

However, if you DO want to become an ST Instructor:

  • If you'd like to become an ST Instructor, Mastery is mandatory.
  • With the ST Academy, we aim to form a group of loyal and dedicated instructors in different disciplines to the cause of improving health, joy and beauty in working with horses based on the principals of Straightness Training.
  • And to qualify for the admission to the International ST Instructor Program you have to start with the ST Mastery Program and ST Evaluation Program.
  • When students have passed a certain set of evaluations in the Training Pillars groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and liberty, they can be invited to the international ST Instructor Program.

If you do NOT want to become an ST Instructor:

  • Mastery is also perfectly suitable for you if you are completely happy to work on your own progress and that of your own horse.
  • So if you're not interested in teaching, you don't have to teach!
  • If you have no aspirations in that direction, you are very welcome to school yourself into a horse trainer expert with the help of the Mastery Program and the Evaluation program.
  • To be clear: you don't even have to continue with the full Mastery Program or ST Instructor Program if you don't want to.

So no matter your dreams and aspirations, you're very welcome in the program!


FAQ #7: What if my horse has a lot of issues and PROBLEMS?

What if I consulted the vet, the dentist, the farrier, different kinds of instructors and it’s still not easy to ride my horse? Is Straightness Training an option for my 'problem horse'? And is it possible to start ST Mastery with this horse?

Well, if you have tried everything to solve your problems...

And got told that ‘’it must be a problem between your horse’s ears’’...

Or if you recognize this:

"Some days it's like he's been okay for 30 years and other days he acts like he's never seen a human being"....

Then try Straightness Training!


You're not the only one having a horse that acts like a zebra!

And for your information, zebras are:

- easily agitated
- panicing under pressure
- bad tempered
- unpredictable
- agressive

A lot of riders face issues when they ride and train their horse, such as rearing, bucking or spooky or stubborn behavior.

Sometimes it seems that people enjoy grooming their horse much more than actually riding and training.

But with Straightness Training you can solve not only physical problems, but also behavioral issues.

And, you can take it a step further:

Once the issues are solved, you can take it to the next step and develop the talents of your horse to its maximum.

So we'll take the following two steps in Straightness Training:

  1. First, we'll help you to develop your horse from a 'problem' horse into a 'normal' horse.
  2. And then, we'll help you transform your horse from a 'normal' horse into a 'talented' horse!

So yes, you are welcome to join ST Mastery with your 'problem horse', so we can guide you to help your horse the best you can.

So far, I have met many people that were not happy with their horse and their riding, and they now enjoy riding every day!

With success!

And their horses are living a lot healthier and longer lives!

Therefore, join the Mastery program, so we can help you optimize your knowledge and skills - so you can actualize your horse's potential!

FAQ #8: What if I don't have my OWN horse?

What if I only ride in a riding school. Do you think that the mastery course will be suitable for me?

Straightness training is about 'think first, act later' so it's not a problem that you don't have your own horse yet.

And perhaps you can ask the riding school to let you work with the same horse for a while.

Some riding schools here in the Netherlands are really forthcoming to ST and let you practice in groundwork in your own time when it's not busy at the riding school.

So perhaps there are opportunities at your riding school as well.

Just ask and you will find out.


FAQ #9: What if I am a CO-RIDER?

What if I don't have my own horse, and the owner of the horse I training with is not doing ST? Do you think that the Mastery Program will be suitable for me?


Improvements in the horse are often quickly seen AND felt, so every little bit of Straightness Training you do will be a big step in the right direction.

Straightness Training will not only allow you to 'be the change you want to see' but also inspire the co-owner as the horse will start to move in a more balanced way and is becoming easier to ride.


FAQ #10: What if I train BITLESS?

What if I ride bitless? What if I would like to keep it that way, is that a problem?

Not at all!

In ST, we always start bitless to spare the mouth and to preserve the sensitivity of the mouth.

Because in the beginning, most horses are a kind of stiff in the body, because of the natural asymmetry.

So we first need to stretch short muscles and we need to supple the body of the horse.

Therefore, a bit is only introduced later on in the horse's education - but ONLY if a rider would like to.

So of course, a bit isn't mandatory and if you wish to carry on bitless that is fine.

And only when the horse

- can equally bend to both sides, and
- can move in forward down, and
- can connect with his inside hind leg connects with the center of mass

Only then, we can start to put some weight on the haunches, and we can start to collect the horse.

And only then is the moment that - if a rider would like to - you can introduce the curb bit to the horse to improve the muscle development of the topline.

But of course, this isn't mandatory.

And if you wish to carry on bitless that is perfectly fine!

We also encourage to do ST completely at liberty - so with no tack at all!

Because without any tack on the horse you really can improve your connection, harmony, togetherness and oneness with the horse!

FAQ #11: What's the STRUCTURE of the Mastery Program?

Could you let me know, what will ST mastery exactly look like?

The Mastery Program consists of an exclusive and comprehensive set of videos that look just like the ones you have seen in the free ST Mini Mastery Course. 

And I made all these videos with the intention to create a detailed Straightness Training encyclopaedia for you.

I’ve put together this encyclopaedia, because I’ve been getting so many questions about ST from riders from all over the world who want to know how to do the exercises.

ST Mastery is an exclusive library of 'how-to' tutorials, organized in 12 modules:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Tools & Aids
  3. Groundwork
  4. Longeing
  5. Work in hand
  6. Riding
  7. Liberty
  8. Horse training 101
  9. Terminology
  10. Support
  11. ST Live Events
  12. ST Mastermind

People who will enlist in ST Mastery will get a life long access to these modules and this Encyclopaedia, which is presented in a wonderful, easy to use and user-friendly portal.

The videos have been carefully compiled in a clear, professional, informative manner and are very easy to follow.

We will provide both videos for each training subject and written documents to compliment each video.

And I have left nothing out, I’ll talk about every fine detail and show you exactly how to do all exercises!

But on top of that I will coach you through the whole program and all modules the first year, to make you feel at home.

So you and I will spend 12 months together as I walk you through all modules of ST Mastery.

I’ll work directly with you through video lessons, assignments, and live scheduled interactive online classes.

In 12 month’s time I will personally guide you, step by step, through the training components and exercises of straightness training so that you fully understand them all and how they all work together towards YOUR goal and the results YOU seek.

FAQ #12: Can I learn it completely ON MY OWN?

Can I learn it online? Can I do it without help from an ST instructor?

A lot of riders are 'the only one' doing Straightness Training in the riding arena...

Or at the barn...

Or in their home-town...

Or even in the country!

And that's the wonderful thing about the ST Academy:

You’ll reach ST experts and like-minded Mastery students all across the world, but you never have to leave home!

Now there's an African Proverb that says:

If you go fast, go alone.

If you go far, go together.

So we believe in 'together is better'!

And thanks to the internet we can do great things together...

And we can get more results...

And get far!

Experience shows, that riders from all over the world really come a long way thanks to online instruction and coaching of the Mastery Program.

We have riders in the US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Europe, and other parts of the world doing really well with their horses through distance learning!

Thanks to the educational videos in the ST Mastery Program you have a good visual example:

✔️ By having this good strong image, you are able to apply what you have seen, with your horse.

✔️ By repeatedly watching the videos, you are able to see what needs more attention in the training

✔️ By having the visual images, you have a good 'bench mark' guide to work to.

✔️ The videos have been carefully compiled in a clear, professional, informative manner and are very easy to follow.

And as you have seen in the Mini Mastery course, we will provide:

  1. videos for each training subject and
  2. written documents to compliment each video.

And this is a very powerful combo:

When you are able to both 'watch' and 'read' around a subject, the learning experience is much clearer and more deeply understood.

......3. And then you can start 'doing'.

People learn in different ways, some learn by 'watching', others by 'reading' and others by 'doing'.

In reality, it is a blend of these in how we learn, but everyone is unique and one person may have more of a learning style dominated by watching and another by reading, others by doing.

So by providing both a video and written documents in combination with the video lessons in the ST Evaluation Program, it supports more peoples learning styles.

Because not everyone is lucky enough to have an instructor who can help both rider and horse, because there are not many ST instructors around the globe yet (we are working on it!).

So in the Mastery Program you and I work together as a team in your development, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, towards your goal and the results you seek!

And together with all Mastery Students, we can build a world in which the vast majority of riders go home every day feeling fulfilled by training their horse!

We believe in a bright future and our ability to build it together!

FAQ #13: What will I be expected to do in THE FIRST YEAR?

Is it necessary that I do the whole program in one year? Does the Mastery Class last only for one year, so does it stop after one year?

ST Mastery consists of two elements:

  1. Part 1: Live long access to the Mastery Program (the library of 12 modules with videos and manuals), including the Evaluation Program.
  2. Part 2: The Mastery class with 2 month intensive coaching with 5 video lessons and 6 mastermind sessions and email coaching.

Let’s start with Part 2: The intenstive coaching period of 12 months

The main reason you get 12 month intensive coaching is the following:

Having purchased the Mastery Program is a good thing, and reading and watching the materials is wonderful too, but actually DOING something with it is what matters most to me!

And when you start ‘doing’ you might experience challenges in the beginning.

That’s why you and I will meet live in a video conference, which is called a 'Mastermind session', and you can ask me all the questions you have about your personal situation:

  • You can discuss a challenge you encounter.
  • You can ask about something that needs to be cleared up for you.
  • You can ask for help if you can't figure things out in a certain exercise.
    Instantly you receive help from me, I'll give you ideas and suggestions on how to deal with your specific issues and how to solve them.

Besides this, doing the video lessons in the ST Evaluation Program – the free touchstones - is essential and indispensable, so you get to know what you do well and what you need to improve.

It's important to get valuable tips, advice and feedback on your from an ST Evaluator, and with this you can tweak your work in order to create the best possible training habits and skills and to avoid getting of track.  

And this sets you up for a long-term solid fundament with your horse.

After this year of coaching you know where to start, what to do next and where to go in case of a challenge. For sure you ‘feel at home’ in the portals and community and ‘know the drill’ in the program!

Now about part 1: The Mastery & Evaluation program

You have life-time access to the library of Mastery modules and during the first year - but also in the future years - you can train at your own tempo, setting you own goal, suitable with your ambition and your situation.

So you can take every next step whenever you are ready.

Because there are limits to what you and your horse can achieve in a year, you can't expect that you can teach your horse the piaffe/passage/pirouette/change/levade in 12 months, that's a process of YEARS!

That's why you have LIFE LONG ACCESS to the program, so you can go your own pace, what's best for you and your horse.

But while taking this program, there's a big chance you will advance much quicker than you ever could on your own.

The ST Mastery and Evaluation programs help you on your multy-year ST journey!

And the ST community is always available for you, so you can ask questions 24/7, 365 days a year, for years to come, and you will get support within 24h, no matter where you are in the world!

FAQ #14: Do I only have ACCESS to the materials during the coaching program?

Do I only have access to the tutorials and educational material during the coaching program? After 12 months intensive coaching, what happens then?

People who will enlist in ST Mastery will get a LIFE LONG ACCESS to my ST Encyclopaedia which is presented in a wonderful, easy to use and user-friendly portal.

Because of the clear and structured educational ST system, you will have the proper basis to fall back on when you encounter problems, and to work from this basis - also after 12 month of intensive coaching.

Plus, the program will be updated with new content throughout my life, because I am a "forever student" and I love to share new insights and resources with you!

And after your 12 months coaching program is over, you will still be able to ask questions in the special ST Mastery Facebook group, so we will keep in touch after 12 months.

And of course if you continue with the ST Evaluation Program, you will get personal feedback on your own videos.

So don't worry: you will NEVER lose access to any of the materials, you'll only get MORE in the future ;) .

FAQ #15: Does the Class STOP after one year?

Does the Mastery Class last only for one year, so does it stop after one year? Can I continue with video lessons and mastermind sessions after one year?

ST Mastery consists of two elements:

  • Part 1: Live long access to the Mastery Program (the library of 12 modules with videos and manuals), including the Evaluation Program.
    Part 2: The Mastery class with 2 month intensive coaching with 5 video lessons and 6 mastermind sessions and email coaching.

So you will have life long access to the Mastery Program.

Only the Class with the intensive FREE coaching lasts one year:

  • The free email coaching (value 297 euro) lasts 12 months, after this coaching you know where to start, what to do next and where to go in case of a challenge.
  • In the first year, you'll have free access to 6 live Mastermind sessions (value 6x97 euro)
  • And you can submit 5 free videos for a review (value 5x67 euro) in the first 12 months.

If you would like to continue with Mastermind sessions or Video reviews after 12 months, you can pay for each individual additional session (97 euro each) and review (67 euro each), one session or review at a time.

FAQ #16: What's the difference between the Entry Course and the Mastery Program?

The main difference is:

  • The ST Mastery Entry Course is the basic course of Straightness Training and
  • The ST Mastery Program is the advanced course that goes all the way up to the higher levels.

If you want to optimize your skills and maximise your horse's potential in all five training pillars, the ST Mastery Program is the place to be.

However, the ST Mastery Entry Course is meant to lower the threshold to enter the ST Academy when it comes to time and funds.

The Entry Course is a great introduction to ST, but it's just the 'appetizer': the full 'diner' can be found in the Mastery Program, that covers the complete A to Z of Straightness Training.

So if you want the whole enchilada, if you don't want to miss a thing, if you want to master ST until the higher levels, if you genuinely want to help your horse and want to become the master horse trainer you are meant to be, then the ST Mastery Program is the place to be!

And to make it even more easy for you to choose:

  • If you enroll in ST Mastery, it includes all the materials of the ST Entry Course.
  • And if you are already an Entry Course student, you'll get a full refund on your Entry Course payment(s), when you enroll in the ST Mastery Program.

In this diagram, the main similarities and differences are outlined, so you can see them at a glance:

FAQ #17: What's the difference with other online programs?

Good question, and just recently, we received this question:

“Does your program really does not help just people with years and years of horse training experience, but also a quite ordinary, horse in the garden type ladies and gents?

That we too actually can get this to work...if we puts our minds to it?

There are many of us out there, you see, who watch things like this, even sign up, and by the end of the day...well, it is just another thing that will not really work, because one cannot get one’s head around it.

Full of good intentions... but it does not work, even when you try.

Been there, done that....”

The answer is...

The ST Academy and the Mastery Program will work GREAT for ANY kind of rider and I believe it can help you too!

But, even though this Mastery Program has been wonderfully designed to help you master the Straightness Training principles in a structured way as easily as possible...

It still requires some dedication and persistent effort on your part.

At the end of the day, YOU are the only person who can make a difference for your horse, not me, not a book, not a set of ‘how to’ videos, not a spot in the ST Academy, not a special program….

So I’m not about to insult your intelligence by telling you this Mastery Program will do the magic for you.


If you’re seriously interested in helping your horse and willing to take some action and put some effort in, then this course will work!

Also for novice and one-horse riders...

Whether they are in their 20', 30's, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s or 80’s (our oldest ST student is 83 years old!).

It works for riders who are still struggling, at some level…

It's for people with 'ordinary' horses would need something like this course...

But are a bit fed up with online promises.

We do know riders need help with what they are struggling with...

Or what their horses are struggling with.

So that's why we created the ST Academy and the Mastery program!

And how are you going to know if this program will work... until you try?

That’s why you should come on board today – risk FREE!

Since I am so positive that you’ll benefit from taking this course, I will give you a...

100% Money Back Guarantee!

So here’s what I want you to do:

• Go ahead, get access to the Mastery Program.

• Then test it out for a solid week, just take the lessons, watch the videos, download everything you can.

• And look, if it’s not for you, pay nothing, I give you an immediate refund.

• No questions asked.

• So you can cancel within 7 days and get a full refund.

This extreme and 100% satisfaction guarantee is my way of making safe that you won’t be disappointed, and that there is ABSOLUTELY NO risk involved on your side!

FAQ #18: Can I do the course OFFLINE?

Can I do the course with my Ipad? Or without internet connection?

The ST Mastery program is a user-friendly, mobile-friendly membership site!

When you have no internet, you can go to a place where you have internet and then you can download the videos of the Mastery program on your computer, so you can watch them without internet.

These downloaded videos can also be transfered to your Ipad.

FAQ #19: How much TIME does it take?

I know that if I commit fully and apply what I learn, I'll get tremendous value. That said, how much time do I need to set aside each week? Can I combine it with my hectic life?

You can spend as many time to the program as you want.

You will have 24/7 live long access to ST Mastery, so you can study it whenever you want.

The course will also give you study tips to be very effective with your time and to save time.

Furthermore, you can practise all training pillars and exercises with your horse at your own pace.

With ST Mastery you can take it one step at the time and you can work towards a level that both you and your horse feel comfortable with.

You can work towards your goals, suitable with your ambition and your situation.

But while taking this course, you will advance much quicker, than you ever could on your own!

Many of our students go through the program as best they can, they pause and return to it as their schedule allows.

And perhaps good for you to know:

Most of our students have full-time jobs and kids and families.

So if you're not able to carve out much time at first, don't worry.

The Mastery experience is designed to stretch you, but it can also be customized to your life. 

Of course, the more focus and dedication you put into Mastery, the more you'll get out of it.

The results depends on your commitment. 

Making a positive difference for your horse is not a 6-week or 6-month, or linear event, and there are no short cuts.

The Mastery experience mirrors the reality of horsemanship - it's intense, time consuming, demanding and something you'll work on for the life of your horse.

But it's worth it!

And it can become addictive!

FAQ #20: What if it's TOO HOT/COLD in my country?

What if it's too hot in my country for the upcoming 6 months? What if winter is coming, with rainy, showy, icey, chilly days?

Well, the coaching program lasts a whole year, so it includes all seasons.

You will be guided through the Mastery portal with all its videos and manuals.

The Touchstone period -to submit videos of you and your horse -also lasts 12 months. So you have a whole year to submit your free touchstones, so all seasons will be covered anyway during this period of time!

And inclement weather means you have more time to dive into the theory and really take on board 'the bigger picture', and the 'Think First, Act Later' principle!

Straightness Training is about 'Think First, Act Later', so a hot summer or cold winter is the perfect time to study, because that will set you up for success in practise.

As  François Robichon de La Guérinière (1688-1751) would have said:

“In order to attain excellence in this art, it is necessary to be prepared for the difficulties encountered in the practice by a clear and firm theory.” 

Thought must precede action in Straightness Training, because theory teaches ST students to base the work with horses on sound principles.

Practice gives them the ability to easily apply what they have learned in theory.

The theory sets the ST student up for more chance of success in practice.

And you need time to learn and digest, so the cold winter or hot summer would be perfect time to start with Mastery!

FAQ #21: What if I don't have an ARENA?

What if I don't have an indoor? Or not even an outdoor riding arena?

We have students from all over the world, and some of them work in fancy indoor riding arenas while others practice in the pasture.

And both end up with great results!

If you want, you can always mark a certain area in your field with some cones or some moveable poles.

FAQ #22: When does the NEXT COURSE start?

Should I join the Mastery 2017 Class now, or can I wait? What If am not able to join now?

Of course you can wait....

.... but there's one thing to keep in mind:

Time is of the essence when it comes to joining the ST Mastery 2017 Class.

Here's why:

  1. I am planning a coaching class one time a year, and I cannot tell you exactly when will be the next time that we will open the doors to the ST Academy.

  2. For 2018, we also have a lot other projects scheduled, so we might not have the time to coach a class next year.

  3. The only thing that's for sure is,  that the next group will start now!

  4. And as I want to make sure you get the attention you need, I am afraid that I do have to limit numbers.

  5. And ONLY THIS WEEK - until Friday midnight - you'll get the special discount and 9 extra bonuses for FREE. We cannot guarantee the same price, discount and bonuses for future classes.

So feel free to choose the twelve payments if that makes it more easy to jump in.

And feel free to choose the US Dollar or British pounds instead of Euros if that's more convenient! 

So if you'd like to join now, don't hesitate to register... The early bird gets the worm... First come... first served...  

FAQ #23: What is the PRICE?

And do I need to pay each year for the Mastery Program?

You only pay once to get access to the program - either in 1 payment or 12 payments.

After you made the payment(s) you have LIFE LONG ACCESS!

Without extra charge!

Plus, future updates are for free!

Now detailed information can be found in the special video about the ST Mastery 2017 Class.

In that video you will get all information you need. 

This includes:

  • How to enroll 
  • Your investment
  • The payment options
  • The currency options
  • The special discount
  • The extra 9 bonuses

Click the orange button to see the video.

FAQ #24: Why is there a difference in PRICE?

Why is there a slight difference in the payment plan and the currency conversion?

The prices differs because we offer you:

  • Payment options (1 or 12)
  • Currency options (USD, GBP, EURO)

Since we have to make additional currency conversion and administration costs, the Dollar price and Briths Pound price is a bit higher than the price in Euros.

Also with the 12 payment option we have additional adminstration costs, therefore the price is a bit higher. 

So the best option for you to choose is the 1 payment option in Euros.

Just converse your pounds or dollars first into euros on your own account and THEN purchase the course.

Click the orange button to see all options:

FAQ #25: What if I try and it doesn't work for me - can I get my money back?

Yes. 100%.

In case it doesn't work out for you...

We're not here to hold anyone hostage in our course!

So here's how our 100% satisfaction guarantee works:

  • Test drive all 12 modules of the Mastery Program.
  • If within 7 days you don't feel this program is right for you, just email our support team at [email protected].
  • And we'll issue you a fast and complete refund.

That's how absolutely certain we are that you will find tremendous value in the course.

So go ahead, join now, you have nothting to lose:

FAQ #26: What do other riders have to say about ST Mastery?

Here's a video with ST Mastery students, to give you an impression of ST Mastery:

FAQ #27: Can I Review the FREE 4-part Mini Mastery Video Series?

Yes, the 'free all access' opportunity will be available:

ONLY from Wednesday November 14th until Friday November 16th - midnight.

(No OPTIN required in that period of time.)

Video #1

Discover empowering communication strategies that will help you to get an amazing partnership with your horse! You can have magnificant training sessions together!

Video #2

Explore the logical system of progressive exercises to get rid of physical imbalance once and for all! You too can have a happy and healthy horse that is a pleasure to ride!

Video #3

Here's a quick way to keep yourself from feeling stressed when other riders challenge you with their words or behavior! You can feel good again almost instantly!

Video #4

Who else wants to discover a simple way to fast-track your  progression? The old grandmasters will show that way and reveal why 'together is better' on your personal path to mastery!

Join the ST Mastery 2017 Class

So now you and I have been going through all the details, let's spend some more time together in the ST Mastery Program!

Because I believe in you, I believe in your horse, I believe in this brand new course and I strongly believe that together we can do great things!