Marijke de Jong's LIVE Self-Mastery Masterclass

REPLAY of the EXTRA Episode - June 23

Check out the lectures about self-mastery, the casestudies of self-mastery students, and the videos about the old grandmasters:

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Get your pdf about the old grandmasters and their riding academies:

Check Out These Wonderful Transformations

Here are 14 amazing transformations 🦋 for you… 4 of them were covered during the Self-Mastery Masterclass, plus another 10. These riders changed their lives in different ways and are experiencing awesome results! Click on one of the videos in this picture to watch them in the Self-Mastery FB Group:

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In the Scholar programs, you can become a next level horse trainer by 'training' oneself in the spirit of the Renaissance men and woman.

It will start on July 1st, and it’s going to be amazing! I can’t wait to see all the incredible transformations that come from the Primary, Premium, and Private Scholar Programs. 

I’ve got a special page for you that explains everything you get, all the course materials and the group classes, and how it works - go take a look now:

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