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"I’ve downloaded the eBook and read on the spot right away. It is really helpful and I’ve recommended to my friends. Now I’ve got to connect the dots finally why we train our horses with dressage movements. I’ve got the whole picture of the basics of training horses. I realize it is so important to know the asymmetry of horses and how we can train and help our horses. For the first few days I’ve been glued to my computer reading and watching ST training materials my butts ached! I’m really excited to practice and learn by doing it. My training cavesson is yet to arrive and I can’t wait! Thank you Marijke."

Kate Park

"Ciao Marijke, I’m a voracious reader of anything horse related. Unfortunately, here in Italy is still pretty hard to find useful resources and even more such eye opening inputs like yours. So thanks a lot for sharing this!"

Chiara Ferrari

"This eBook gives an excellent outline of Straightness Training. It presents the material with concise drawings and the explanations are very clear. It also provides some initial exercises."

Crissea Grovenor

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us and for free. I find it very interesting and useful!"

Alexandra Gómez Albella


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