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✔︎ Learn why exercise is as critical to an aging equine as it is to an aging human.

✔︎ Check out which exercise strategies your old guy will enjoy and benefit from.

✔︎ Discover how a horse in his late teens or 20s can still be in great physical shape thanks to the six keys of Straightness Training.

✔︎ Get 17 tips to keep your ‘Golden Oldie’ fit and happy and young at heart.

✔︎ With a little effort an older horse can often get a nice horse that you can enjoy for many more years, and this eBook shows you how.

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❝ Physically my horse has changed so much, the signs of his arthritis have all but disappeared, and I hope that I will be able to have a partnership with him for many more years to come. Age is just a number, and at 27 he has never looked better.❞

~ Helen

❝ Because of the new skills I have learned and the greater deeper understanding of all things horses plus the changes to my own self, I now have a wonderful relationship with my horse, and my horse is now a relaxed, happy horse.”❞

~ Gilly

❝ Do ST, and your horse will love you. After 20 years together, my mare was lying down in the paddock, and I could, for the first time ever go to her and hug her. Took pictures. I cried of joy. She was mentally balanced. She didn´t stand up. She stayed as she was. This is my highlight of this year!"❞

~ Anu

What is old?

In Straightness Training a 16-year-old is not regarded as old: He belongs to the best educated and strongest horses! 

Even a 26-year-old senior horse does not have to be regarded as old. Just because a horse is a little long in the tooth, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready for retirement!

Just like people, horses can be senior athletes!

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