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✔︎ In this eBook, Mastery Students from around the world are sharing how ST have made a positive difference for their horses. 

✔︎ Get a full overview of all the aspects of the Straightness Training journey, including the challenges. 

✔︎ Discover how STudents are able to balance there busy lifes and show that where there's a will there's a way, and if you want it bad enough you'll find that way.  

✔︎ Read about the incredible transformations these riders where able to get done with their amazing horses.

✔︎ After reading, you feel inspired, empowered and encouraged to take the first or next STep on your own Straightness Training journey!


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❝ Just finished reading this, and as a new Mastery Student it was so encouraging to see how the program can really work for you from a real live past experience.❞

~ Linda Murphey

❝ Wow! Zaneta's STory was amazing! I didn't expect to learn and understand so much from reading a STory!!!... the way you explained all this has truly helped me understand the whole program on a deeper level!!!!... I'm feeling so inspired!!! Amazing!❞

~ Aimee Whelan

❝ It’s so amazing and inspiring for me, who is at the bottom of the mountain, to see other climbers ahead who don’t look down on us but who take the time to reach down to help us up!! Thank you!!! ❞

~ Searmi Park


Thanks so much to the students of the ST Academy who are sharing their inspiring and diverse STories in this eBook! 

In those STories, Mastery Students from around the world are telling us about their amazing results with Straightness Training, and how their ST journeys have completely changed their lives.

They are sharing how the programs in the Straightness Training Academy have worked for them, and enabled them to not only serve their horse, but also other riders and their horses. 

Read about the incredible transformations these riders where able to get done with their amazing horses!

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