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❝ One of my winners is a rambunctious 3yr old who came out in a state of confidence and who is curious, playful, daring and an outrageously smart boy! I needed him to teach me and to change me, to open my mind and to step up to his level!❞

~ Callie


❝ I definitely have's what keeps be going! Love the challenges that they give....keeps it interesting. If I knew it all I wouldn't likely have a horse. Love to keep learning and searching for answers.❞

~ Linda

❝ I think I have one too; people around me tell me all the time, he's too complicated, he's too naughty, he's too smart, he's not cooperative. He figures things out easily; escapes easily, is always challenging people, see where their limits are. Painful thing is that so much more experienced riders than me said they'd take him to the slaughterhouse.... But I can't see him in a negative way; I think he's a handful, yes, but I truly like him so much and the challenges that he gives me, I like, because he makes me want to figure out how to get the best out of him for him.❞

~ Mirjam


❝ I love this, one of my horses fits this description to the letter and he keeps me on my toes ALL the time. I learn so much from him, and constantly have to evolve myself in order to keep up with his extreme intelligence. I wouldn’t change him for anything.❞

~ Nadia


❝ This description certainly holds up a mirror to my OTTB - he ticks all the boxes. Affirmation and gentle persuasion work best for him - especially when he thinks it was all his idea anyway! 

~ Penny

The Winner Takes It All

Winners are horses that has succeeded in everything they have tried to do. They succeeded in doing all the unwanted behavior you can imagine:

  • Escaping from the field.
  • Chewing and ruining reins.
  • Pulling the longe line and break free.
  • Bucking or rearing to get rid of the rider.
  • And so on.

In ST, we consider those horses as “winners”. Winners are going to try and try and try until they figured out what’s working!! 

So congrats if your horse is a winner! As from the most "difficult" horses we learn the most! It "forces" us to find ways to put their qualities to work for us instead of against us.

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