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✔︎ It's the ultimate visual tool for self-reflection. The workbook is simple and easy to use and wheel is extremely powerful.

✔︎ Get an instant overview of the balance between the 8 key areas of Mastery.

✔︎ Check in on how you're doing and where you could make some adjustments to create more balance in your life.

✔︎ Envision how you would like your horsemanship journey to be, and get focus and direction.

✔︎ Become more motivated to make changes and create more life balance today - your horse will benefit from it.

✔︎  Use it for a regular life "check-in", and to review and assess your progress.

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❝ The wheel really helped me to think what my goals should be, what do I want to learn and to be, what is my Path. ❞

~ Satu

❝ Loved this assignment, and I look forward to doing it periodically during my ST journey. I knew things in my life have been off balance, but everything has always been so mixed up in my head that I haven't been able to pinpoint what might be off and why. Constructing a visual, analyzing each area, and creating an action plan has allowed me to begin to see how the different areas of my life connect to/affect one another. Thank you for this assignment! Let the work begin, and cheers to smoothing out our rides together! ❞

~ Meghan

❝ I have done my wheel 3 times (years) now, and that has been good for me. It is so nice to see that we have made some nice steps forward, and to see the different wheel from last year and this year. ❞

~ Solvej

Benefits of the Wheel of Mastery

The Wheel of Mastery is one of the most powerful and versatile coaching tools available.

Here at the ST Academy we think it's the ultimate balance assessment tool; simple and easy to use - and extremely powerful.

Download the workbook and read on to find everything you need to know about this powerful self-mastery exercise.

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