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❝ A must have for any person wanting to become a better trainer for their horse, giving a very clear and detailed explanation of the exercises that we use in Straightness Training, from the basic standstill exercises, all the way up to levade.❞

~ Kim Alford, South Africa

❝ These exercises are a must for every horse owner to develop and maintain a sound, supple and balanced horse, no matter what discipline you do!❞

~ Rebecca Gilbert, United Kingdom


Thank you, a lot of helpful information in the booklet, got a lot out of it!

~  Barbara Fitzpatrick


❝ A lot of information in this free eBook, with a great approach! It's a true reference for all riders who wish to work their horses while respecting their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.❞

~ Heleen Bouman, France

Gymnastic Exercises: Important?

Yes, because every horse is asymmetrical by nature.

Natural asymmetry poses no problems for natural activities like grazing and moving.

However, when the weight of a rider is added, it’s important that our horse learns to use his body in a balanced and healthy way.

Straightness Training will help you do this. 

The Straightness Training exercises will develop your horse symmetrical in body and limbs. 

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