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✔︎ Learn when to start your young horse and why it's important to start at a particular age.

✔︎ Discover how to avoid physical damage and how to make the process easier and safer.  

✔︎ Get a full overview of the educational program of a horse so you know where to start and what to do next.

✔︎ Explore strategies to reach your horse in ways he understands and appreciates so you can avoid unwillingness.

✔︎ Learn how to build a foundation for an inspiring human/horse  partnership that encourages performance beyond expectations.

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❝ My three-year-old Arabian is very bright; I love the way ST engages her mind as well as her body.

Now I am on lockdown and can't get to see her, but we were just beginning with Liberty (on a long line), standstill exercises and LFS on a circle.

I love the way she concentrates and listens to me when we are training.

I adopted her from a shelter, inspired by doing ST with my senior horse. She had already been adopted but quickly returned as she was too much of a handful, so it was really important to get it right this time.

She didn't even know how to be tied up for grooming, let her hooves be cleaned etc, but now she is coming on well.

ST is based on trust, mutual respect and a dialogue and she responds beautifully to that.

Over the years, I have watched a lot of young horses being trained, longed frantically out of balance, ridden too soon, dominated etc. I will follow the instructions of your eBook, and ST generally, to the letter as it is far more horse-friendly, and also much safer!

Thank you so much, Marijke! ❞

~ Ann Thérèse Oram, Spain

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Straightness Training with a young horse?

A frequently asked question is:

"Can I do Straightness Training with my young horse?"

Well, it depends on how old your young horse is.

A horse’s life starts as a foal and it will then take a few years before we can start schooling our young horse following the path of Straightness Training.

The eBook provides all the information about when and how to school young horses. 

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❝ This e-book provides a fantastic “checklist” of the basic elements necessary in every horse’s education - having this solid foundation will set you and your horse up for success in any discipline...especially in ST Mastery! Thank you, Marijke!! ❞

~ Searmi Park 


❝ This is a very well put eBook, and it is always a pleasure to read how this website and who writes it put the topics of classical masters. Definitely love it. ❞

~ Tina

❝ Thanks again for this Marijke & your awesome ST program. Let the horse be a horse, especially when they are young. The herd will teach them good manners, we don’t need to teach those. In the herd, politeness and modesty raise the status of a horse, not dominance. If we let a horse be in his younger years, we gain so much in his later years! ❞

~ Anna

❝ I think this work will give my young horse the best foundation. I'm excited. I am very new to this. It appears to me this academy is set up in a way that I can actually learn to do the work so my horses can benefit from my learning. I appreciate the opportunity. ❞

~ Susie


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