Marijke de Jong's Kick STart Course

Accellerate Your Growth As A Horse Trainer

This course will show you how joining a riding academy can accellerate your tempo of mastery, and this is what you'll learn:

✔︎ Discover the approach the old grandmasters used to fast-track your progression.

✔︎ Learn more about the logical riding instructions that were used in ancient riding academies, and that still provide a powerful guideline for today's dressage.

✔︎ Success leaves clues, therefore, model the best, so you can save yourself decades of trial-and-error learning.

✔︎ Find out how you can apply the concepts and exercises of the old grandmasters in your own training sessions TODAY, so you can truly change your horse's balance and behavior.

✔︎ See right in front of your eyes how weekly online coaching can make a huge difference for you and your horse.

If you want to become a better horse trainer, then gift yourself this Kick STart Course to learn - there’s so much to take advantage of when you join:


What STudents Are Saying About The Course:

❝ Thank you for these videos, travers is a lot more fun and more effective now we're "chasing enemies" rather then just focusing on getting him off the hand/shoulder! ❞

~ Becca


❝  Extremely interesting and I love the philosophy of your program. 

~ Judy


❝ Fantastic! Thank you for all this wonderful insights...And all this for free, so that everyone is able to experience them! ❞

~ Nathalie


❝ So beautiful and inspirational to watch Zaneta! 

~ Sarah


❝ Just mindblowing to hear Zaneta's insights. Wow there is so much to learn! I have to stay strong and turn 100 years, to get all this right ;)

~ Hanne

❝ This is truly fabulous. Thank you so much for going to the trouble of putting this mini series together. I am only at the beginning but it is helpful to see how these exercises were used in a practical "real" situation so as to have the end in mind. 

~ Shannon


❝ Love you pointed out that the classical masters and their students used a systematic approach to horse training, which also considered horses' behaviour. It makes my animal historian heart (I work on human-horse relationships in 19th century Britain) all warm and fuzzy. This entire video series was excellent. Thank you for sharing them! 

~ Esther 


❝  Whoa!! Thank you Zaneta!! Love your analogies and hearing your thought processes you have such an amazing energy and spirit!! Thank you for sharing them! ❞ 

 ~ Searmi

❝  Another brilliant course! Enjoyed it immensely. Thank you! Very interesting, especially the part of haunches-in used for battle purposes and reducing circle size.

~ Beata


❝ Thank you for sharing all this valuable information. My hope is that with continued historical enlightenment our Majestic four legged friends will be rewarded with many years of joy and happiness by their owners following your exemplary and generous tutoring. I will continue my journey with hope. Thank you. 

~ Jules


❝  I LOVE all the tips to CANI, thank you!! Always room to improve! Totally get what you mean about feeling the four legs, more majestic, keep the forward so that he can build up in front more. And the tip about the appreciation being my main reward is awesome!! It is definitely the next step to even more 'synth wizard' feeling... thank you! 

~ Zaneta

Why the ST Academy?

We believe that the world needs riders who have an amazing relationship and magnificent life with their horses.

A world without unnecessary suffering for horses and riders, because life’s too short to suffer.

The online ST Academy is designed to support riders and their horses - wherever they are in the world.

You'll discover the clear concepts, tactics, and strategies that helped thousands of riders across the world to get confident and overcome struggles, plateaus, setbacks, and challenges with their horse.

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