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Do work that matters. Make a difference.

We are a small team with big goals, and we achieve them.

We grow fast, and if you think you’d be a great fit for doing work behind the scenes of the ST Academy, check out our list of open positions. 

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Our Top Three Values

Be Responsible

It was Atlas' responsibility to hold up the sky, but we feel it's our responsiblity to make the world a better place - one rider and one horse at a time. We use our response-ability and help our students get the results they are looking for.

Be possible

All our ST Academy Team members aspire to be the best we can be in our specific roles. We do the best we can with the resources we have and nothing is impossible. We have an "I'm possible" attitude to get the job done. 

Be valuable

We're passionate about building an amazing academy that many riders will enjoy. We constantly improve our services. We overdeliver for our students and give them way more value than they pay for.

How We Work  

We Work Remotely

All of our team members work from home. High-speed internet and appropriate work space is required. Apple computers, phones and tablets is a plus.

We Schedule Our Own Time

Working from home gives us the flexibility to create our own schedule. We plan ahead, make our own decisions, and own our results, both mistakes and wins.

We Own Our Projects Like a Boss

We are self-starters and motivated from within. We don't need someone to turn us on to get the job done. We hold ourselves responsible for achieving our goals. 

This Is A Perfect Fit If You Are:

An Unflappable Soul

Things change fast around here, but that's no problem for you, as you love to work in an environment that is in constant transformation. You look forward to entering the stretch zone and are able to push your way out of the cocoon. Juggling multiple projects and to-do’s simultaneously while still staying organized is no problem for you, and you love finding new ways to get things done. 

Efficient & Effective

You do the right things and do things right and are always on the lookout to make things better. You are detail-oriented and tweak your work constantly with the important 2mm. When you recognize a valuable habit, you immediately integrate it into your work. You thrive on working hard and smart to overdeliver and delight the customer.

A Resourceful Sherlock Holmes

Whenever you learn something new or face a challenge, you display a high level of resourcefulness. You need little direction and do the digging to figure things out on your own. You have the ability to learn new skills and applications quickly. You are willing to make mistakes, learn from them quickly and continue to grow. You will never find an excuse and always find a way.

An Excellent Communicator

You communicate clearly and concisely, and are prompt and precise to avoid any misunderstandings. You are transparent in what you do and when you do it, so the team knows exactly what's going on on your side of the globe. You always acknowledge messages from team members, and give them a heads-up if needed. You meet deadlines and keep promises.


Open Positions


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