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Here's How We're Going To Work Together:

The Scholar Program in the ST Academy include access to the Mastery Program. As a Scholar, you'll also get access to the Evaluation Program. As a Scholar, you can be invited to the ST Instructor Program once they have reached a certain level in the ST Evaluation Program.

Optimize your Knowledge and Skills with the Monthly Mastery Lectures

The STclopedia is broken down into training modules, sections, and lessons with supporting video content and complementary manuals. These course materials will help you fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results, and save you years of time-consuming trial and error. Monthly Mastery lectures will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire STclopedia, STep by STep. Every month, you will receive a Mastery Lecture of the Month in your library with one or more lessons in the following topics:

Getting STarted

Whether you want to take your existing skills to new heights, start your youngster, keep your senior going, or you're just starting out, the 'Getting Started' Module will set you up for success and give you a kick STart.

It teaches you where to STart and what to do next, and all 'how-to' materials about the ST exercises are easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to put to use right away!

Every month, you'll get another set of lessons in the other Mastery Modules - this way you don't get overwhelmed by all the lessons, videos, manuals, and other course materials, and you never get the feeling of "getting behind"! 

Every Masterpiece Has A Solid Foundation

After the kick STart, we will help you create a long-lasting solid base on which you always can rely on:

  • You'll clarify the vision you have for you and your horse and set inspiring growth goals.
  • I'll also help you harness your unique strengths, personality, and skills to become the best you can be for your horse.
  • I'll show you how to map the natural asymmetry of your horse to create a fitting strategy to straighten your horse.

By the end of this Mastery Module, you'll have a rock solid foundation and a clear action plan to take the training with your horse to new heights. 


Get The Right Tools & Use Them Right

The cavesson is the ultimate tool to help us with Straightness Training. We use it to gymnastize our horse in groundwork, longeing, work in hand and riding. 

In this Mastery Module, you'll learn how to choose the right tools for your training sessions, and how to use them in an effective and efficient way, so you do the right things and do things right. 

Preparation Is Key - Think First, Act Later

We will cover the aids in a several Mastery Lessons, so you'll master all the aids we use in ST. I will show you:

  • The different types of mental and energetic aids.
  • How to use your body language and voice cues.
  • The difference between observing and producing seat, leg and rein aids. 
  • And we will unravel all mysteries about the magical 'half-halt' which is a key element in rebalancing your horse. 

You learn exactly when, where, why, and how to use all different aids.


Horse Training 101

In this Horse Training 101 lessons, you'll discover the general spectrum of strategies and techniques on how to train horses.

This course is perfect for beginner horse trainers because we'll start from scratch. You'll learn the basics of how to communicate and interact with your horse, how to teach your horse completely new things, and how to motivate and inspire your horse. For sure advanced riders will discover some interesting 2 mm in this course that they forgot about, or that they see now in a completely new light. Often huge  results come from small changes and refining little details.

Set Yourself Up For Success in the Other Training Pillars

In the Groundwork lessons, we're going to put down a solid practical foundation with the use of a cavesson and a line. You'll also:

  • Understand what exercises you need to use to counteract your horse's natural asymmetry.
  • Discover the right (and wrong way) to stretch your horse's body to both sides.
  • Learn to use the most effective and easy-to-use exercises to strengthen the hindquarters and ease the fragile front legs.

No matter what skill level, at the end of the basic Groundwork lessons, you'll have everything you need to get STarted in the riding arena! Along the way, you'll also widen, broaden, and deepen your work with the more advanced exercises.

The Tricks of the Trade

In the Longeing lessons, I will teach you the fine details and 'magic' stuff when it comes to longeing. 

These lessons teach you:

  • How to stretch, contract and relax muscles in walk, trot, and canter.
  • The best approach to make your horse fit and flexible.
  • How to deal with challenges, for example, if you can't get your horse away from you.

By going through the Longeing Lessons, the invisible gets visible, and the untouchable becomes touchable, so you know exactly how to get the job done.

Build The Bridge To Riding

The Work in hand lessons are all about doing all exercises with a bridle, with or without a bit, whatever you prefer. And we will take it a step further with the exercises:

  • We will not only use exercises where the horse is bend towards us, as in shoulder-in and haunches-in, but also away from us, as in the renvers. 
  • We will deeply cover the 'reason why' behind all exercises so you can do them all with essence and don't end up with 'look-a-likes'.

By going through the Work in hand lessons, you learn exactly what to do to strengthen your horse even more, so your horse can carry you properly. 

Become The Best Rider You Can Be

There's a whole series of lessons about the art of riding. It gives you the full insights into the why, what, and how of all riding exercises: 

  • The circle
  • The shoulder-fore and shoulder-in
  • The haunches-in, renvers, half pass, and pirouette
  • In a normal tempo in walk trot and canter.
  • And in collection - all the way up to the school walk, the piaffe in trot, and pirouette in canter.

Through clear videos and comprehensive manuals, you are able to study everything in detail, so that you are well prepared to start riding.

More With Less

ST at Liberty is the magical ingredient that will help you:

  • To reach more with less guidance.
  • To resonate and synchronize with your horse.
  • To achieve complete harmony, togetherness, and oneness with your horse.

In this connection, you will find your horse focused, interested, and strongly motivated in learning and doing all ST exercises. And then you will experience that all other four training pillars will work better for you as well!

With a proper preparation and regular practice in all five training pillars, your horse will start to look great and feel amazing!

Philosophy Helps To Work Independently

"ST is for the horse, the horse is not for ST" will be the foundation of our philosophy. We understand to be understood and teach according to the principles "Observe first, produce later" and "Think first, act later". We let things arise organically and strive for constant and never-ending 2mm improvement. We never lose sight of the essence and strive for quality over quantity. 

In the Philosophy lessons, you'll learn to put these fundamental concepts and many other core ideas into practice and help you to train with clarity and confidence so you can work independently.

From Hands-on to Online

The recordings of live lessons I gave during Mastery clinics in the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, the USA, South Africa, and Brazil are super packed with demos, case studies, theory sessions, and practical lessons with amazing people and horses.

By watching these lessons you can get even more ideas and inspiration to fine-tune your own work.



What Can The Mastery Modules Do For You?

Getting your horse happy and healthy and becoming the good horse trainer you're meant to be requires clarity, confidence, vision, and the ability to take action on a consitent basis on the right STrategies.

Without a roadmap and STep-by-STep guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

The ST Mastery Lectures can save you years of unnecessary suffering and time-consuming trial and error.

Our primary goal is to train you to think, act, and interact like an allround horse trainer, so you have skills that serve you for life.

We already helped thousands of riders across 50+ countries, and we'd be honored to work with you too!

And to make the STclopedia even more effective, here's something else we've got for you:

Here's Proof That The Program Works:

Enroll Now & Start Today

If you're a Scholar, you get all Mastery Modules unlocked on the first day of the month. Then, every month, you'll get a new set of Mastery Lessons - this way you don't get overwhelmed by all the modules, sections, lessons, videos, and manuals in the STclopedia and you never get the feeling of "getting behind". 

Enroll as a PREMIUM Scholar and get Access to the Evaluation Program, FREE!

Accelerate your growth with the Evaluation Program! This is the program where you can learn from other scholars, and it's also the place to be to get feedback so you know what you do well, and what to imrprove and to prevent that you're going off track!

Learn From Your Fellow Scholars

In the ST Evaluation Program, you can learn from watching how other scholars are improving in the program. You can view hundreds of online video lessons and school your eye!

You can watch groundwork lessons, work in hand, longeing, riding and liberty lessons, with young horses, senior horses, and all ages in between, with mares, geldings and stallions, warmbloods, thoroughbreds, gaited horses, and many other breeds. This program contains an exclusive collection of lessons and an invaluable knowledge base. Access to this library is of great importance to fast track your growth, and it's an invaluable support on your ST journey! When joining the ST Academy as a Premium Scholar, you get instant access to this library of lessons!

Hear What You Do Well & How To Improve

As a Premium Scholar, you can also submit a video for review, and receive feedback as to where you are in the development of you and your horse in the Mastery Program.

When you pass a Touchstone, you'll get a Touchstone certificate. 

And when you pass all 5 Touchstones within a certain grade, you'll receive a Grade certificate. 

Get The Results You're Looking For

ST Instructor Program

The ST Academy aims to form a world wide professional group of loyal and dedicated horse trainers and instructors to the cause of improving health, joy and beauty in working with horses based on the principles of Straightness Training.

The ST Academy is designed to walk you STep-by-STep through the Mastery Lectures, Touchstones and Grades in the ST Evaluation Program, and - if it suits your ambition - the ST Instructor Program.

Riders who passed a certain set of evaluations in all 5 training pillars of ST - in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding, and liberty -  those riders can be invited to the international ST Instructor Program.  

So if at one moment in time you realize that you have been personally successful as a horse trainer in the ST Mastery and Evaluation Program and would like to also develop the didactic side of your craft, then the ST Instructor may be the logical next step for you.

But for now, let's start the journey!


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The Scholar Program ultimately leads to self-mastery and to becoming the most capable version of yourself! Each month, you will receive a brand new Mastery Lecture so you can reap the benefits of the practices that I have laid out inside for years to come! The secrets of growing stronger on your personal path to mastery are inside. I invite you to come share them with me!

You'll Have Support Every Step Of The Way

As soon as you join the ST Academy, you'll have guidance and support from a team of like-minded horse lovers in a safe and encouraging environment. In the ST Academy, you'll never feel lost or left behind:


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Within minutes or hours, you'll have a response on your post in one of our member groups from fellow Scholars, ST Instructors, ST Evaluators, or Crew ST!


All core modules have special FAQ sections, plus you'll have access to an extensive Support Module with dozens of answers to frequently asked questions! 

Crew ST

If you have technical issues or a challenge you need help with, simply write to      [email protected] and we'll get you sorted asap!

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